LG G Watch Price Revealed – Rs 19,000


smartwatchAfter Samsung and Sony, LG too is gearing up for its first ever smartwatch. Indeed the company is late by a solid one year but the fact is that wearable gadgets are still an emerging phenomenon. NothingGeek is the first portal to bring you the LG G Watch Price. The watch would cost you around Rs 19,000 and would be available in India in the third quarter of this financial year. The international launch is expected in the month of July.

As far as the LG G Watch Price in context with the international market is concerned, then let us tell you that the watch would come with a oprice tag of $300 in US and 180 Pounds in UK. In Australia it would cost $320. Going by these prices, it seems that LG wants to challenge the likes of Sony and Samsung whose smartwatches cost more.

Unverified pictures of the LG smartwatch have come up online. They point towards a cool display without any button. This version is a prototype and would undergo changes before it is put under final production. We have details regarding the LG G Watch Price but there is no information on which software platform would the G Watch operate on.

Recently Samsung launched its Galaxy Gear 2 smartwatch. We did a hands on and liked the device. It got a cool hardware and is powered up by 512 MB of RAM and a dual core processor. Two good things about this watch are – 1. It is IP67 certified which means it can resist dust and water. 2. It got a 2 MP camera appended at the top which can record FULL HD video clips. The snapped images are also of good quality.

Samsung has also attached a heart rate sensor to the Gear 2 and it works like charm. We tested its preciseness over and over again and the sensor gave correct results. The Galaxy Gear costs Rs 23,500. The price might seem a bit high but if one inspects closely, Samsung has kept the price lower than what it did for the first generation Galaxy Gear. The company realises that the first gear was a major flop and doesn’t wants the Gear 2 to suffer the same fate.

Once the LG G Watch comes to the market, it would be an interesting competition between it and Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. By that time the price of the Samsung’s watch would have also witnessed a drop. Thins are surely going to heat up!

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