LG G2 Launched In India


LG finally launched their flagship device, LG G2 in India today. The LG G2 launch came only one month after its international launch. In a lavishly organised event, Mr Soon Kwon, Senior Vice President and CEO/Southwest Asia, came on stage holding one of the fastest smartphones today. After a brief photo session, Question and Answer round followed. The audience was more than impressed by LGs latest offering.According to LG, there are 5 major changes that they have ‘Learned From Us’ and are reflected in LG G2. These are namely, design, display, camera, sound and user interface.

DesignLG G2One big change which LG have taken risk with is the differential placement of the volume rocker keys and power on off button. They have placed these on the back plate just below the camera lens. LG says that this would simplify things as holding big screen phone these days, reaching volume keys on the side requires use of the second hand. With this innovation, you can operate LG G2 with one hand easily. Placement of keys at the back has not forced LG to reduce the battery. LG G2 boasts of a mammoth 3000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery. Qualcomm along with LG have worked together on the design of this phone.

DisplayLG G2LG G2 comes with a FULL HD IPS Plus capacitive touchscreen. Th display packs in 424 pixels per inch. The screen is optimized for an end to end design with minimum bezel surrounding it. Corning Gorilla Glass 2 is present to protect this beautiful and crisp display.


The camera in LG G2 stands at 13 MP with LED flash. LG has nicely incorporated Optical Image Stabilization technology. One of the next generation technology in which LG currently has edge over the others is that LG G2 is capable of shooting FULL HD videos at 60 frames per second. The likes of Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One can shoot at maximum 30 frames per second. A front facing camera standing at 2.1 MP can shoot FULL HD videos at 30 fps. Also it is capable of taking high quality pictures.

SoundLG G2In this department also, LG has brought in something new. They call this feature as Audio Zoom. The logic is simple. If you are shooting a video of say 5 children and you want to focus on your child only, LG G2 would automatically detect a face while shooting. Then you simply have to tap on your child’s face and like a video zoom, the audio would zoom and would record the sound of your child with prominence. If this feature works without errors, this could be really a path breaking innovation.

User Interface

With no physical keys on front or for that matter on either side of the phone, how do you unlock it? Double tap on LG G2 and it comes to life. Double tap again to make it sleep. We loved this feature as this is especially useful while you are engrossed in some work and simply want to check whether you have received any new message,missed call or mail. LG has also included the Qslide function and the Qwrite function. Use three fingers and swipe from left to write and it takes you to the previous application you were using,just like minimizing a window of a computer. Using Qwrite feature,you can easily make notes anywhere you want to. These features are accessible from the notification bar itself.

This rival of the South Korean Giant Samsung, has put in a lot of effort in building LG G2 and it shows. The response to their latest flagship device has been heart warming globally. The LG G2 launch came only one month after its international launch. For India, LG has set aside a budget of 100 Crores and if it puts it foot smartly, this might be a big start for this Korean firm. We would soon bring a hands on review of LG G2 for you, so stay tuned.

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