LG G6 Arrives At MWC 2017 With Snapdragon 821

lg g6

They named it G6 not only because it is the 6th phone in the series but also because it has a gigantic 6 GB RAM. If you don’t get what that means, it means you can run at least 40 apps side by side without any of them closing. Another thing is its quad core chipset: The snapdragon 821. Yes you heard that right – quad core, which means extremely efficient processing in the LG G6 smartphone.

The battery is non-removable this time, however it’s bigger: 3300 mAh. With a dust and water protection rating IP68, which is better than that of an iPhone, and it comes with an inbuilt memory of 128 GB.

But that’s all normal in a phone priced above 50k. What will make the LG G6 phone a hit is the fact that it’s the only other phone that comes with an installed real google assistant other than google’s own Pixel.

Now that it’s the era of dual cameras, how can LG stay back? With a new improved ultra wide dual camera, LG is telling the world that it isn’t going to stay back.

The colour variants aren’t very good though, it looks like since LG changed its flagship series to the ‘V series’ it looks like it’s starting to pay less heed to the G series. But if you want to buy one, I’d suggest you go for the white one.l