LG LAP340W Sound Plate: Expensive But Interesting

LG lap340w soundplate

LG lap340w soundplateSince the last year, LG Electronics has focussed its energies towards innovation. Falling profits and dwindling customer loyalty has made the company’s think-tank to restructure its policies. It is now treading on a new path and has come up with a LG LAP340W Sound Plate – home entertainment accessory. It would cost you Rs 30,990.

So what exactly is the LG LAP340W Sound Plate? It is basically a speaker stand which would be essentially placed beneath your television. The point to note is that the television size should be between 32 inch to 55 inch. Also, the television should be a flat screen one.

What are the benefits of the LG LAP340W Sound Plate? It is quite sleek and would suit your needs if you have space constraints at your place. Even if you have ample space but want a better sound experience with minimalistic wires and multiple devices, the LG LAP340W Sound Plate could be easily be placed below your tv and would give your room and aesthetic look and feel.

The LG LAP340W Sound Plate comes with 4.1 audio channel and dual sub woofers. This transforms into a decent sound output making your movie watching experience a splendid one. Now let’s take a look what kind of technology goes beneath such a device.

The speakers of the LG LAP340W Sound Plate comprise of neodymium magnets which are powerful than the ordinary magnets about 8 times. The digital to analog convertor  used is of high quality.

LG lap340w soundplateYou have read about the pricing, features and the technology behind the LG LAP340W Sound Plate. The big question is how to connect it to the television set. It can be either wirelessly connected to the tv using Bluetooth pairing or through a USB cable. The wireless option would suit your needs more if your television set is mounted on the wall.

The LG LAP340W Sound Plate is not just for the television. Using the Bluetooth connectivity, you can play music or any other audio on it by pairing it to your smartphone, tablet or computer. So, it has a wide application and is not specific to a single device.

What can we say. The LG LAP340W Sound Plate is not a cheap device but at the same time is aimed at a specific class of users. It definitely has a market and there would be loads of takers for this home entertainment device. Tell us what you think about the sound plate using the comment box below.