MAPS.ME Review: Enable Offline!

User Interface

There are many of you, who’ve have used Google Maps and have sworn a word because it can only cache a city at max for offline use, and not even a full city if you’re living in metros! But, worry not! MAPS.ME is a perfect companion for all those of you who want offline maps. Then be it for exploring your own city to a new level or place without internet connectivity, or be it some other city where you can’t use mobile data as that costs a lot while roaming. So let’s begin with the MAPS.ME review and check out what it has got to offer.

Some of you might have heard about MAPS.ME (or MapsWithMe, as it was previously called). But even though you might have heard about it, you may not have installed it as it costs $4.99. In that case, I have a good news for you. The app is now free! And don’t get mistaken, it’s the full version that you get for free now! For those of you who’re hearing this app for the first time, it is an offline map. By offline, I here mean that you need to download the country data of your choice just once, which is around 250MB for India’s maps and routing data combined and around 130MB if you just want the maps (excluding routing data) for offline usage and won’t be using navigation. Once you’ve downloaded that, you’re good to go.

mapsme1Once you have the map data downloaded on your phone, we don’t care if you’re connected to internet (either via mobile data or Wi-Fi) or not. You just need to have GPS and some battery juice in your phone to get this app functioning. About the functionality or usabiliy of app, it does what it says. We tested this app on two devices, Motorola Moto E and Sony Xperia Z3 Compact, and we’re impressed as there was not much difference in the performance on the two devices which are of extreme categories.

There was only one downside to the app! And that’s area specific. Suppose you live in a metro like Mumbai or Delhi, etc., you can have fair amount of street density (the number of streets out of the actual streets) in your city. But if you’re in some really remote area, the road won’t be listed unless it’s a state or national highway, which is a huge let-down. It has good street integration in US and Europe just in case you’re on a trip to that country! But in India, it lacks the amount of street integration unlike US and Europe. But that doesn’t make MAPS.ME useless. Its pretty useful even then, as I don’t think you’ll be traveling through such remote areas. Navigation is almost the similar fashion what most of you’ve been using in Google Maps, it gives turn by turn instructions to your destination.


Despite a serious con of the street integration in India, I still find MAPS.ME very useful. It’s one of the best apps I’ve seen and used in a while. I generally don’t keep the apps on my phone after reviewing them, but this one’s definitely going to stay in my app drawer! It’ll be good to see better street integration in India in future updates. But it’s still a good deal without it too. It’s free guys! Get you own hands on now!

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