Meritnation App: School Learning Made Easy

It is a wide-spread notion amongst the parents that the mobile phones and tablets are only for chatting, social networking and gaming. What if we tell you that these gadgets can now help your child perform well in his/her studies! Yup, you heard it right. The Meritnation app is a wonderful initiative in the field of digital learning. We downloaded this app and we would like to share our experience with you.

Upon downloading the 8.8 MB Meritnation App, you would be prompted to register or sign in using Facebook. In the process, you need to enter your school board and the standard you are currently studying in. The good part is that all the subjects of a particular standard have been included in the application. If you are studying in 11th or 12 th standard, the streams are segregated according to the Non-Med, Med, Commerce and other sections. All the major board options ranging from CBSE, ICSE, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka state boards have been including. The Meritnation App houses study material for the Sixth to Twelfth standard. All in all, the developers have taken care of a wide range of students while building the application.

Meritnation AppWhile testing the Meritnation App, we selected the 10th Class CBSE study material. We were delighted to see all the Maths, Science, English, Hindi, Social Science and Vedic Math available in an appealing manner. Since the CBSE board makes use of the NCERT textbooks, we were presented with the study material, NCERT Solutions and the revision notes.

We liked the NCERT solutions. The Meritnation App packs in the questions and the solutions of all the chapters present in the NCERT textbooks. This would help the students to revise the answers during those crucial minutes before the exams. In most of the boards, a good amount of questions are asked from the end of the chapter exercises. The study materials and the revision notes are also provided by the Meritnation App. However, these features are only available under the paid version.

Verdict          [usr=4]

Everything is going digital these days and the Meritnation App is a step forward in the right direction. It adds the fun element to the studies making it easier for a student to glance through the notes on the go. The Indian education sector is still in its early stages of digital growth and the area got a lot of potential in it. The Meritnation App adds real value to the app universe. The best part is that a 2G connection is more than enough and you do not require a expensive smartphone with the latest technology to work. A simple budget smartphone/tablet would do the job for you!

Ajay Gupta
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