Micromax Canvas Doodle 4 Vs Xiaomi Redmi 2

doodle 4 vs redmi 2

Micromax Canvas Doodle 4 Vs Xiaomi Redmi 2: Design And Display

Both the Doodle 4 and the Redmi 2 are plastic phones and the material used is also pretty similar. However, the Doodle 4 comes with a massive 6 inch display while the Redmi 2 has a 4.7 inch display. Frankly speaking, both are good displays with decent colours and it depends whether you like a big phone or a small one.

The important part is that touch and the control on the touch-screen. In both of these areas, the Redmi 2 is a much better device than the Doodle 4. Doodle 4 got a poor touch and swiping to ain’t good.

Winner: Redmi 2

Micromax Canvas Doodle 4 Vs Xiaomi Redmi 2: Performance

A quad core processor and 1 GB of RAM is present on these handsets. I was hoping for a decent performance from the Doodle 4 but it turned out to be a big let down. The UI is really sluggish and that too when I hadn’t installed many apps. On the other hand, the Redmi 2 is swift phone and multi-tasking is also smoother on it.

Winner: Redmi 2

Micromax Canvas Doodle 4 Vs Xiaomi Redmi 2: Camera

Both the phones sport a 8 MP rear camera with flash. The image quality is good enough. I was able to capture decet amount of details using the cams on these phones. However, the Redmi 2 camera gives a yellow image when the flash is on. This is not the problem with the Doodle 4 and the camera provides a natural colour image even when the flash is on.

Coming to the front facing camera now. In this department, the Redmi 2 is better, The Doodle 4 camera provides an okayish image. This image appears a lot pixelized when the user zooms in.

Winner: Tie

Micromax Canvas Doodle 4 Vs Xiaomi Redmi 2: Battery Life

The battery on the Doodle 4 (3000 mAh) is non removable while on the Redmi 2 (2200 mAh) is removable. I was able to achieve a decent battery uptime with both the handsets. I put them under heavy usage throughout the day and had to charge again in the night. This kind of battery life is acceptable.

Final Verdict: Xiaomi Redmi 2 Wins

A lot many factors worked for the Redmi 2 but the most important was the value for money aspect. The phone costs much less than the Doodle 4 and still offers better usage and performance. The Doodle 4 simply doesn’t live upto the expectations. The UI is sluggish and the overall performance too is bad. Opt for Redmi 2 instead.

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