Micromax LapTab, World’s First Dual Boot Device Unveiled

Micromax Laptab

Micromax LapTabThe Indian giant Micromax, has unveiled the world’s first dual boot device, the LapTab which runs two operating systems, Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 and Windows 8. This unique device was showcased a day ahead of the Consumers Electronics Show which is scheduled to start today. With this launch, Micromax has put itself on the world map, defeating the likes of Samsung and Sony who were also rumoured to be building such a device.

No one was expecting the first Dual Boot device from an Indian firm but Micromax surprised many industry biggies at the Digital Experience! Pepcom’s Big Consumer Electronics Show. The Micromax LapTab is powered by the Intel Celeron(Bay Trail-M) processor and would also be showcased at the CES. Before we go ahead into details,  we would like to tell you that this Dual Boot concept would not makes things complex for you. As a user, you simply need to restart your Micromax LapTab and you would be provided with an option to choose either of the two available operating systems. This way you can easily switch to your preferred working environment…you need not be a techie!

Speaking at the Pepcom event, Mr. Rahul Sharma, Co-Founder, Micromax said, “Today, we are taking the next leap in raising the innovation bar globally, with the introduction of LapTab. Over the past few years, we have been witnessing a growing trend of increasing consumer demand for two operating systems in one device, which offers a blend of great PC like productivity in a tablet like form factor for seamless consumption. The Micromax LapTab fulfills that consumer need by giving them access to the world’s first dual-boot tablet. Combining functionality and style, the LapTab further builds on our promise to constantly empower our users with superior technology that directly addresses their needs.”

Micromax LaptabHe further added that as Micromax grows big and expands across the world globe, it would aim to democratize the market and keep offering the users with affordable and sensible products. Micromax is also planning to unveil a number of different products in the next 6 months. Commenting on the launch Steven J. Dallman,vice president, Sales and Marketing Group and general manager, OEM Channel Engagement at Intel said, “Today people want choice when it comes to operating system environments and only Intel Architecture can deliver a complete user experience. The innovation we are seeing from companies like Micromax is exciting and we congratulate the company on its introduction of the LapTab.”

Talking about the display, the Micromax Laptab is a 10.1 inch HD affair. A 2GB of RAM and a 1.46 Ghz Intel Celeron N2805 Processor completes the innards. Also appended is front facing camera of 2 MP with light sensor which would suffice your video calling and selfies needs. The good thing is that Micromax has used Bluetooth version 4.0 in this device. This is the latest version and eat up extremely less amount of battery. Wifi is the other connectivity option available. The internal storage stands at 32 GB which is further expandable to 64 GB. Lots of space we must say! The  Micromax Laptab got a 7400 mAh battery under the hood. This device comes with a Transleeve which doubles up as a cover and a stand for the wireless keyboard and boasts of a 20 plus power backup with a 230 mAh battery. Micromax would be launching the LapTab in the month of February and has not revealed the price yet.

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