Micromax MMX440W Router Review

micromax mmx440w

This device is pretty old and you might be thinking that why am I reviewing it now. Well, the price of the Micromax MMX440W Router has seen a big dip off late and the on-board offerings tempted us to test the device once more.

Design And Built

micromax mmx440wMicromax MMX440W Router got a small built for a router + power bank. Yes, it also works as a power source for your mobile handset! I got the white device and as you could make out from the figure, it was like holding a mid-sized marble in the palm.

The router is complete plastic with a metallic bezel around the circumference where all the connectivity hubs are present. On the right there is a battery indicator button marked as T. You need to press it in order to check how much amount of battery is remaining in the Micromax MMX440W Router. This is indicated by the light indicator panel on the left. Adjacent to the T button, there is a slider button- one each for power off, charging and router.

On the top there is a USB port and on the left hand side a micro USB port. At the bottom a RJ45 connector is present.


Function As A Router

The Micromax MMX440W Router basically works as a router/hotspot for the ease of connectivity. There are 2 methods through which it can be used as a router.

Using RJ45 Connector

micromax mmx440wIn order to use Micromax MMX440W Router through a RJ45 connector, you should either have a ethernet port directly present along-side your main phone outlet port. Simply connect the ethernet cable to the Micromax MMX440W Router and slide the slider to the R option. The main indicator light sitting on the top of the Micromax logo will first turn red and then would blink while emitting a blue light and once the connection has been made, would stabilise.

Using USB Dongle

If you are having a dongle, connect it to the USB port and slide the button to R again. That’s it! Start using the internet.

For both of the above methods, the default password is 12345678. In order to change the password, in the URL bar enter- It will then ask for user-name and password. Enter admin on both the rows, change the password according to your liking from the setup page and then logout.

Micromax MMX440W Router As Power Bank

micromax mmx440wTo use this device as a power source for your phone, use the USB cable provided along. Connect on end to the USB port of the Micromax MMX440W Router and the  other end to the micro USB port of your phone. Slide the slider to C option. YOur phone will start powering up. The power bank is a 4400 mAh battery source and is more than enough for any handset.


micromax mmx440wThe Wi-Fi signal emitted out by the Micromax MMX440W Router was pretty solid. The signal was stronger than our Binatone’s router.

One critical issue which was resolved through the Micromax MMX440W Router was the non detection of Binatone router. This issue has been reported by many users. Sometimes, a smartphone, laptop or desktop simply doesn’t detects the Binatone router. The solution is reached by connecting the Micromax router with Binatone through a ethernet cable. This not onlyamplifies the signal but also enables all the devices in the range to detect the hotspot easily.

With the Micromax MMX440W Router, one can connect multiple devices at one time. I tried 4 devices and was successful.


What We Liked            [usr=4]

The Wi-Fi signal given out is pretty strong and multiple devices function smoothly. The power bank provides a mammoth battery backup. Since the router also works through the inbuilt battery, one full charge enabled us to use the Micromax MMX440W Router for 7 hours non-stop.

The compact design and the bezel add to the looks and all the light indicators make it stunning in terms of looks when it is on.

What We Disliked

The build quality is  a bit susceptible to damage. I mean, it wouldn’t be cool to drop it from a height more than two feet.

To Sum Up

With the Micromax MMX440W Router now available at a much cheaper cost, it is an all steal device. A solid router and a mammoth power bank, what more do you want!