We Might See A Plastic Galaxy S5 Only


The specifications and design of the  much awaited smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S5, are in the headlines these days. The Galaxy S4 is the only weak link in the game changing Galaxy S series of Samsung and everyone knows that there would be something really impressive and innovative in the next offering of the South Korean Electronics manufacturer. The S series have been criticised for not having a metallic body despite the fact that it packs in great hardware under the hood. Rumours were widespread that next year, we might see a metallic Samsung Galaxy S4 but that might simply remain as a mere rumour and chances are Samsung might go ahead with a Plastic Galaxy S5.

No manufacturer has come out and stated that Samsung has given them bulk orders to develop metallic chassis. As of now, there has not been a significant leaked image displaying the metallic chassis. Both of these two things have diminished the possibility of a metallic Galaxy S5 smartphone.  Moreover, Galaxy S series gained popularity because of its near flawless functioning and features. Even the less popular Galaxy S4 has done more business than the HTC One. Let us inform you that HTC One smartphone is way ahead than its Samsung counterpart when it comes to design, user interface and battery. Same goes for the pricing, HTC One is again far ahead. If Samsung starts making metallic Galaxy S5, then it would drastically increase the manufacturing cost and in the end, the cost of the phone when it reaches the users would be really high. That would take the low price great specs USP of the Galaxy away.

Hey, if actually we get to see only a Plastic Galaxy S5, you should not feel let down by the Korean firm. The Plastic Galaxy S5 would have never seen before features and specifications. A 2K screen resolution is almost certain. So is a 16 MP camera which would beat the hell out of the competition! A 3GB RAM and a octa core processor would power up the Plastic Galaxy S5. In order to counter the impressive fingerprint sensing feature of iPhone 5S, Samsung would be introducing the S5 with a revolutionary eye sensor technology. The phone would scan the retina of the user’s eye in order to unlock. If Samsung is able to apply it successfully, then the likes of HTC and Apple would feel the heat and it could see Samsung getting under the skin of the traditional markets of these big players.

Ajay Gupta
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