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Now this is something interesting. We all know that MTV is a superhit music channel but do you know that it makes Android based tablets too! Even we didn’t know. This popular music channel has collaborated with SwipeTelecom and has come up with the MTV Slash4X Tablet. It would cost you Rs 9999/-

The MTV Slash4X Tablet sports a 7 inch IPS display with a screen resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels. Swipe has used One Glass Solution Technology in this tablet. This has led to a minimal amount of thickness. The MTV Slash4X Tablet is powered up by a quad core 1.3 Ghz processor coupled with 1 GB of RAM. The internal memory is only 4 GB. However, thsi limited amount of storage can be expanded to 32 GB by the use of a micro SD card.

We are not too confident whether the MTV Slash4X Tablet would be able to provide a sound battery backup. We are saying this because the included battery is only 3000 mAh. Now, the tablet is not really power hungry but a 7 inch display does eats lots of battery. If a user goes about heavy usage then he/she might be left searching for a power source mid day! The company should have put in a 4000 mAh battery. That is a safe line for a 7 inch tablet.

The primary camera on the MTV Slash4X Tablet is 2 MP with flash. Also appended is a front facing VGA camera in order to suffice your video calling and selfie needs. The device runs Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 operating system. The tablet weighs 267 gms.

Alright, now you must be thinking, that all the above written features are present in all the tablets, so why attach MTV’s name with this one? The MTV Slash4X Tablet comes loaded with several MTV applications which otherwise you may never even come to know off! There is This Day In Music, Count Your Day, MTV Funny, MTV India etc.

With the launch of the MTV Slash4X Tablet, it is clear that the SwipeTelecom wants to target the youngsters. If you remember, 2 years back, when Micromax was a small brand, it too launched an entry level smartphone with the name of MTV Music Phone. By appending the MTV’s name, it was able to sell a lot of handsets amongst the youngsters. Such a move might work for Swipe too. We should soon be seeing the MTV Slash4X Tablet getting a good amount of publicity on the official MTV channel.

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