How Much Would A Metallic Galaxy S5 Cost?


The smartphone calendar can be split into two parts with 6 months each. The first 6 months belong to Samsung and second part belongs to Apple. In October, Apple launched its Iphone 5S and the phone received great response from the various markets and is still going strong. The buzz around it started to build in July end. As this year is about to end, the rumours regarding a metallic Galaxy S5 are coming from all the corners and they are most probably true. 

Fed up with constant criticism of it making cheap plastic phones, Samsung finally applied for a metallic patent for its undisclosed smartphone. Earlier reports pointed towards an altogether new series by the name of Samsung Galaxy F but these rumours were later shunned off as mere buzz creating gimmicks. The news lacked any proof and substance. Now, new reports have surfaced and claims are that Samsung would be releasing two variants, a metallic Galaxy S5 and a normal plastic one. Both of these handsets would go into production in January next year and Samsung would unveil them in March. The metallic Galaxy S5 might allso feature a curved Youm display which Samsung has constantly teased us with for years now and only recently it promised devices sporting a Youm display in year 2014.

The plastic version of the Galaxy S5 would be relatively cheap and would focus on the emerging markets. It would feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor and 3 GB RAM. In contrast, the metallic Galaxy S5 would come with Samsung’s proprietary 64 bit Exynos processor. There have been no benchmarks statistics which could reveal the performance of this 64 chip but going by Samsung’s power and history trends of introducing the fastest flagship phone, the new Exynos processor might show never seen before ratings. Other features of Samsung Galaxy S5 include a 2k resolution display, a best in business 16 MP camera and Android KitKat 4.4 Operating system. In terms of hardware features, Samsung would leave no stones unturned to make the competition look like a kid!

This brings us to the ultimate question. If the metallic Samsung Galaxy features an all metal body(which we believe it definitely would), then what would be its market price? HTC One with its unibody metal body was really expensive at the time of its launch. Apple’s Iphone already costs so high at the places where there is no contract on offer. Apple’s sole purpose of introducing Iphone 5C is to provide consumers with a cheaper option by providing a plastic alternative. Summing up the facts, expect the price of the metallic Galaxy S5 to be no less than a bomb. We are saying this because this South Korean giant would be launching two versions of its flagship device and the logical  side of this approach points towards a higher pricing.

Ajay Gupta
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