New Sennheiser Orpheus Launched, Costs € 50,000

Sennheiser Orpheus

Sennheiser has launched the new Orpheus that offers an unprecedented audio experience. The high-end headphones will be hand-crafted in Germany from next year onwards and will cost around € 50,000.

Even before you start listening, the unique Orpheus experience begins. The components are all retracted when the system is inactive and the Orpheus possesses the serene beauty of a sculpture. The sculpture is brought to life by gently pushing the on/off-volume.

The control elements are made from a single piece of brass and are plated with chrome. The vacuum tubes are enclosed in quartz glass bulbs that rise from the base and start to glow. Finally, a glass cover is raised that allows the headphones with ear cups and with genuine leather finish to be removed.

The selection of all materials consequently supports the excellence of this magnificent product. The audio specialist has used exclusive components for an outstanding performance like the gold-vaporized ceramic electrodes and platinum-vaporized diaphragms.

The marble used for amplifier housing is from Carrara in Italy and is the marble type that was used by Michelangelo to create his sculptures.

The design of the Orpheus clearly depicts Sennheiser’s ambition of creating perfection in every detail.

Surya Sharma
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