OnePlus One Lollipop Build Gets Official

oneplus one

After the recent licensing disputes in India, OnePlus had announced that it will be releasing a new build completely on its own, independent of Cyanogen. OnePlus One Lollipop build was made official by OnePlus with the onset of new year. This Lollipop built is an alpha build, not even beta!

This OnePlus One Lollipop Alpha build is an AOSP build and not a full fledged OS by OnePlus. OnePlus plans to release a stable version of its OS by the end of February. You can get this Alpha build on OnePlus’ forum. There are instructions given on the forum for the people who are new to flashing, etc. OnePlus One also states on its forum that with this alpha build testing, it’s looking forward to first make the core functionality stable and later include the customization features. Even though OnePlus now plans to build its own ROM instead of using Cyanogen, OnePlus aims to keep the OS bloat-free and yet maintain the customizability.

Since this is an Alpha build, some of the known issues are: Wi-Fi unstable, clock seems to crash more than often, startup times are very slow, etc. It is though nice of OnePlus as flashing custom ROMs doesn’t void your warranty unless you manage to brick your phone! The new build supports 4K recording, though the quality is not top notch as of now.

OnePlus One was launched in India last month at INR 21,999. Despite the price being more in the mid-range, OnePlus One offers flagship specifications. With Snapdragon 801, 2GB RAM, 13MP and 5MP cameras. With internal storage options of 16 and 64 GB, it offers a full connectivity suite inclusive of 4G, NFC, GPS, Bluetooth, etc among others.

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