Philips Hair Dryer HP8120 Review

Overall Rating

I wanted a hair dryer that was not too hot and gave out just enough air to dry out my hair. For this, I was initially looking for the hair dryers which saloon people use which give out completely cold air. The hot air they say damage the roots of the hair and make them weak over a period of time. On some research and shop visit I found out that those kind of all cold dryers were really expensive. So I decided to go for the Philips Hair Dryer HP8120.

This dryer has a cool air feature. Now the thing is that the feature does not work 100 percent as intended. The air that comes out is significantly cooler than the air at normal setting but it is still warm. Saying that, this is the mode I mostly dry out my hair with. Being a guy, this mode is good enough for my hair as I do not need much power and hot air for the hair.

The product is easy to use. Simply plug and dry out your hair. It is light weight and the wire is long enough to reach out to the socket for the power. The good part is that the dryer is foldable which ensures that one can fit it easily into drawers. Also included is a nozzle with a oval shape which can be fitted onto the head of the dryer in order to dry and style the hair.

The Philips Hair Dryer HP8120 has a powerful mode too for strong and hot air. If you prefer that, then this dryer would surely help you out. At a printed price point of Rs 1245 and some online discount which brings the actual price paid close to Rs 1000, this hair dryer is a good value for money product for home use.

Ajay Gupta
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