Portronics Neptune Review: Best Budget Portable Speakers

portronics neptune
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There were days when you looked up for good speakers to play your music. It was generally through the commonly used 3.5 mm jack, and the speaker used to be bulky. But in the wireless world of todays, portable Bluetooth speakers like Portronics Neptune are the new fashion.

The Bluetooth speakers we are talking about today have 2.1 channel 5W RMS output speakers. It has got a 900 mAh battery. And best of all, it has an all-round connectivity suite with Bluetooth, NFC, AUX, microSD card slot with support up to 32 GB, and microUSB for playing through computer and for charging. There’s also a mic enabling you to receive calls when connected to the speakers.


Portronics Neptune is a nicely put together piece of hardware. It has got a plastic body covered with some rubber oil UV coating. It feels solid in hands and survives a fall from 2 meters, at least in my case. Yes, I did manage to make it fall (accidently) while reviewing these amazing portable speakers.

On top, Portronics Neptune has capacitive touch controls similar to Creative’s Sound BlasterAxx AXX 200. There is a Play/Pause control in the middle, seeking/previous/next controls on either sides. The capacitive touch button on the upper side is M, meaning you have to choose using this button. Source can be Bluetooth, microSD card, AUX, or microUSB.


portronics neptune 1Portronics Neptune has quite an impressive sound quality for what you might expect by looking at it. The 5W 2.1 channel speakers are loud enough to fill a normal sized room easily. Talking about the sound quality, Portronics Neptune has done a nice job here.

The bass is crisp and punchy, but not as heavy as you might come to expect. The highs are clean too, but you get a little noise when listening to an over amplified audio. What is a bit disappointing is that the mids are a bit bleak and a purist would notice that immediately. Other things, especially NFC pairing works like a charm. Although sound quality is better if listening through microSD card or AUX or microUSB, Portronics Neptune performs a little better than on wireless audio streaming.

Battery Life

portronics neptune 2Portronics Neptune has a 900 mAh battery which lasted 6.5 hours of wireless playing and close to 8 hours when playing through AUX or microSD card.

It would have been nice if it were able to even act as a power bank. Though that would have been an overkill for a 900 mAh battery, but an option is always better. Also, JBL Flip 2, etc give battery time of more than 10 hours, so nothing spectacular here.


At the average street price of 2,699 INR, Portronics Neptune are the best you can buy. NFC is an added benefit, with the regular Bluetooth etc. Also, it handles calls very well. The sound quality too is great. A little higher battery capacity would’ve been a treat, but we’re not really complaining.

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