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Did you know that the probability of your webpage or blog being shown on the first page of Google search largely depends on how and what you write? So if you are already running a website or a blog and seem to not get major traffic it might be because your site/blog is not optimised for the search engine.

The process of constructing your webpage in such a way that the search engine shows your page in the results is itself termed as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). It is further divided in two sections: on page SEO off page SEO.

By now you are probably thinking what the steps are in the off page SEO. Keep reading. Below are the simplified steps with which you can directly increase web traffic to your website.

Stay active on ‘Answers’ page

Sites like Yahoo Answers, JustAnswer etc. give you a platform to represent your site. So be active and present solutions and ask questions and place links to your site in your answers. However don’t place links unnecessarily as it won’t generate many clicks.

Use Classifieds

There are numerous websites that are available at your disposal which will enable you to place ads/submissions about your site. If a user is looking for something related to your website. He is most likely to visit a classifieds site and therefore will find your submission. This is one of the important strategies when it comes to the off page SEO.

Make a press release

Don’t be stunned. I am not talking about the type of press release you see on TV. You can submit an official copy about your site and products to websites like Open PR, PR Leap, 1888 Press Release, etc. These websites will in turn make your website visible on Google News.

Supply your website to Search Engines

To be able to be visible on a search page one has to first submit or register their site with the search engines. Search sites like the Kingpin, Google and other like Bing, MSN etc. can be utilised.

Submit your site to RSS, CSS and W3C

This is another way to make your site visible to the databases. If your site is present in the above mentioned databases, users when search something related to your site, your site will show up as a result on search page.


When you have got time, write clean and concise articles and post them to sites like Buzzle, Ezine. Here too people might find your articles interesting and they themselves come searching for your website to find full-fledged details about whatever they are interested in.

Reviews on websites

Ask your friends to write reviews on social networking sites, and Google maps, if you have a physical office. This will enhance the off page SEO. There are various other sites to write reviews other than Facebook.

Create Social Networking pages

Once you have setup your website, you will need to connect with everyday active users via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. For a solid off page SEO, strong social presence is a must.

Here regularly post offers, interesting articles that will catch the interest of users. Keep it short, simple and clear.

Create active online presence

One thing that will make your presence felt is by actively participating with customers and users and rectifying and clearing their issues/ doubts.

Local Yellow Pages

If you are looking for customers or traffic from your locality, you can simply place details about your website in the local yellow pages. This is the simplest and easiest way to direct prospective customers towards you. However this will cost you some money.

PPC (Pay per Click)

This is another solution for you which will cost you some money. Using ‘Pay per Click’ advertising model one can get traffic which is directed from other websites. One has to pay depending upon number of clicks received to their website. However, make sure that the sites are genuine.

YouTube or Facebook Videos

If possible create a video channel and regularly upload relevant videos. They might show up on search results.


This is also one of the major contributor to web traffic. Write something very specific about your products but do not stress heavily about pricing etc. Let the users visit your site and check themselves. Don’t forget to share the link for the blog on various sites (Don’t spam users).

Some Other off page SEO techniques

1. Use photo sharing sites like Picasa, Flickr to advertise about your products.

2. Use forums that encourage discussions about your products. Users intentionally visit these sites to find details about your products.

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