All About Recession In Tech Jobs Of Year 2013

Since the last one decade, technology has been a consistent field which has been the most sought out by the students. But the Recession In Tech Jobs Of Year 2013 changed the complete scenario. Many students who graduated in 2013 have still not got a proper job. Several other are looking for a better option than the job they are currently doing. Let’s see what all big companies handed out the dreaded pink slip. 

Recession In Tech Jobs Of Year 2013#1: The once reigning smartphone maker, Blackberry, fired 250 employees this year. The firing was not targeted at one particular country. The company said that it was a part of their long term strategy and would be removing a massive 4500 employees in the near future.

Recession In Tech Jobs Of Year 2013 #2: The networking company CISCO laid off 450 employees this year. No surprises, the firm has put the blame on the worldwide slowdown. It intends to lay off 4000 more employees next year.

Recession In Tech Jobs Of Year 2013 #3: Most of us know that Motorola has been acquired by the technology giant Google. What most of us do not know is that in the year 2013, the company let go off 1200 of its employees. That figure stands at 10 percent of the total employees. Now that is a massive job cut drive!

Recession In Tech Jobs Of Year 2013 #4: Like Motorola, Flipkart too removed 10 percent of its work force this year. 250 employees who did not fair well in the year end review were asked to leave the company. To cover this shortage, Flipkart held a couple of recruitment drives for the freshers.

Recession In Tech Jobs Of Year 2013 #5: HCL Technologies, one of the India’s most prominent technology company, fired 140 of its Finland employees. This might be a small number but ask those employees. Even if we take the number of people graduating per year in Finland, it is a huge number. Remember, Finland is a small country with a population of only 5.4 million people.

Recession In Tech Jobs Of Year 2013 #6: The Indian giant TCS which is bigger than HCl laid off 290 jobs and this time too, Finland had to pay the price. The company intends to cut jobs abroad and bring those posts back to the Indian graduates.

Recession In Tech Jobs Of Year 2013 #7: The digital education player Educomp, handed pink slip to 3500 employees. In its defence, the company said that they had no option but to cut costs in order to remain a sustainable unit.

Recession In Tech Jobs Of Year 2013 #8: The IT major Cognizant removed 500 underperformers this year. These were those employees who did not perform well in the year end review and received poor appraisal due to bad ratings.

Recession In Tech Jobs Of Year 2013 #9: Nokia has been acquired by Microsoft and saying that this new proposition requires major IT shuffling, the company removed 800 employees. It also shifted some of its departments to TCS and HCL Technologies.

Recession In Tech Jobs Of Year 2013 #10: In 2012, HP announced that by the end of year 2013, it would lay off 22,000 of its employees worldwide. This procedure started in year 2012 itself. HP says that it had to take this difficult step due to recession.

If you are sad reading all this news, do not worry guy. Several big companies have concluded in their surveys that if the year 2013 was all about recession and less jobs, year 2014 would be opposite because the US economy is finally picking up pace and is on the path of resurrection. Good times are near!

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