Refreshed Lenovo Thinkpad Series

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Chinese head-quarted electronics maker Lenovo is popularly known for PC and mobile computing solutions. The company will be sharing its plans for their Lenovo ThinkPad series at the CES 2015 (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, and accordingly the entire laptop line-up is getting refreshed.

Company also unveiled ‘ThinkPad Stack’, a new accessory system which is aimed to let the ThinkPad enterprise mix and match units to augment the mobile solution.

Starting with the two Lenovo ThinkPad flagships, Lenovo’s Ultrabooks offerings have been updated for 2015. The ThinkPad X1 Carbon, the most portable of the series has a 14-inch display and combines high-resolution (touch screen option available) with a light, thin yet a rugged case measuring in at 0.73 inches and weighing 2.9 pounds (1.3 kg approx.) will start shipping in January 2015 starting $1,249 (Rs. 79,100 approx).

The 12.5 inch Lenovo ThinkPad X250 works with company’s Power Bridge technology which is basically a dual battery system allowing users to configure it for battery life or low weight. The X250 measures 0.8 inches thick and weighs 2.88 pounds (1.3 kgs), and will be available February 2015 starting $1,149 (Rs. 72,800 approx).

Lenovo’s ThinkPad also include 4 models in the 450 series – the T450s which is a 14 inch laptop (0.83 inches, 3.5 pounds) starting $1,099 (Rs. 69,700 approx), the T450 is a 14 inch laptop (0.88 inches, 4.0 pounds) starting $849 (Rs. 53,800 approx), the L450 (0.96 inches, 4.25 pounds) starting $699 (Rs. 44,320 approx) which does not have a touch screen option available. All 3 laptops are Power Bridge compatible and will be available in February 2015.

For users who want larger screen sizes, Lenovo also offers the T550 which is configurable for either a 15.6 inch or 15.5 inch high-resolution display (2880 x 1620), comes with 16 GB RAM, up to 1 TB SATA HDD or faster 512 GB SSD. The laptop weighs 5 pounds and is 0.88 inch thick but does come with lots of ports and jack in hope to replace your desktop PC. The T550 will be available in February 2015 starting $999 (Rs. 63,300 approx).

Lastly, the E ThinkPad line-up has two models, the E550 which packs a 15.6 inch display (0.94 inches and 5.2 pounds) starting $599 (Rs. 38,000 approx), and the E450 has a 14 inch display (0.87 inches and 4 pounds) starting $549 (Rs. 34,800 approx). Both laptops can be configured up to 1 TB HDD or 128 GB SSD and will be available starting February 2015.