Riversong Wave BP SmartBand Review

riversong wave bp
Value For Money

Over the years, the smart band category has exploded and we have been witnessing huge number of players offering these bands. This can be attributed to primarily two reasons. Firstly, there has been huge demand of fitness bands due to widespread use of smartphones and cheap cost of the bands. The second reason is the general craze among the youth to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology.

This time, I reviewed Riversong Wave BP fitness tracker and to be honest, I liked it. For starters, the band costs Rs 3,000. So yeah, it ain’t costly. But does it provides value for money? Read on to find out!

Riversong Wave BP Fitness Tracker Specifications

Display: 0.87″ OLED
Battery: 70 mAh (Lithium Polymer)
CPU: Nordic nRF51822
Charging time: 2 hours
Output: 5V=500mA
Operating temperature: 10-45 degree celsius
Water resistance for daily usage

Design and Display

riversong wave bp displayThe Rivesong Wave BP smartband features a OLED display which looks decent and at the same time provides an overall good look and feel to the user. The display can be easily toggled via a touch on the bottom side of the display. The straps are made of rubber-plastic material. Some of you might say that this is not the best of the quality strap but then, at a price point of Rs 3000 and the functionality on offer, I am not complaining.


The band is able to track the steps you take, the amount of calories you burn, the number of hours you sleep, your heartbeat and blood pressure. The important part is whether all these things get tracked accurately? The answer to this is a simple yes! The Riversong Wave BP band monitors your data accurately.

The H Band App

All this tracking would not make much sense if you can’t make sense of the data. The company has tie up with H band app creators which is available on both the Android Playstore and Apple store. You can set your fitness goals and weight measurement at the starting and then you are all set. It will keep a log of your daily data. This enables the user to compare historical trends and then shift the eating or exercise patterns accordingly.

Battery Life and Charging

riversong wave bpOn a single charge, the band easily lasts for 5-7 days. In order to charge the band, one can easily plug in the display which has a USB plug on one end. Simply plug it into your laptop or normal charger (with a reverse converter).


The Riversong Wave BP fitness band is a good option if you are looking for a band that records data accurately. It has a lot of features and also doubles up as a watch for your daily needs. At the price point the company is offering this band, it is a solid deal.



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