Samsung Brings Solar-Powered Refrigerators & Digital Inverter Air Conditioners

samsung digital inverter ac

Samsung has introduced the world’s first solar powered refrigerators and new air conditioners that boast of the digital inverter technology in India. These new refrigerators and air conditioners boast of many advanced features along with providing faster cooling, power conservation and durability.

S-Inverter Air Conditioner

The S-Inverter Samsung Air Conditioner features the world’s first 8-pole motor for better power conservation with 43% faster cooling. It comes with DuraFin condenser that provides better protection against corrosion than conventional condensers increasing the durability.

It also comes with Voltage Protector feature that can handle voltage fluctuations from 146V to 290V.

They are available at INR 35,900 to INR 66,600.

Smart Convertible Refrigerators

Samsung smart convertible refrigerators are powered by solar energy and run on home inverters to provide cooling even during power cuts.

It features modes such as Power Cooling wherein the required temperature is reached in 31% shorter time and its twin cooling system prevents the odours from mixing in different compartments.

It ranges from 253L to 670L and is prices at INR 27,250.

Direct Cool Refrigerators

It can also run on home inverters for continuous cooling experience. It adjusts speed automatically as required due its 7 compressor RPM.

The digital inverter compressor extends the life of the refrigerator by 10 years and can handle fluctuations from 100V to 300V.

It ranges from 192L to 230L and is priced at INR 14,900.