Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit Review: Nice Attempt

Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit  [usr=4]

Impressive: Beautiful Display
Aesthetic Design
Heart Rate Monitor
Good Battery Backup

Depressing: Distance covered not accurate

The trend for wearable devices is catching up and recently Samsung came up with a fitness wearable which is compatible with atleast 20 Galaxy devices. We played with the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit and here is our review.

Design And Display

Surprisingly, Samsung has hit the sweet spot this time with the design of its fitness device. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit looks sleek, is light and is comfortable on the wrist. Even people with thin wrists would find that its fits nicely on them. The device has uber cool looks and makes oneself trendy. We are also satisfied with its built quality.

Coming to the display, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit boasts of a curved 1.85 inch Amoled display. The colours are stunning and everything looks nice.


The real time operating system used in the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is neat and simple. Jumping from one app to another is not a burden but lets come to the point straightaway – what all fitness functionalities and features does the device offers and how efficient is it?

samsung galaxy gear fitUnder the hood, Samsung has put in a gyroscope, accelerometer, pedometer and a heart rate monitor. the heart rate monitor is the USP by which Samsung expects to sell the device so let’s talk about it. There is a sensor located beneath the device which automatically traces ones pulse.  The picture shows 96 beats per minute because the room where we tested the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit  was pretty hot!

The pedometer keeps running in the background and logs all your movements and then sends the data to your smartphone where it is stored in S Health for further analysis. The Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit can also measure the distance covered, time taken and heart rate during all the running, jogging, walking or cycling. However, in our tests, it gave an increased reading. We took it out on a 2 km jog and the reading which it gave to us was 2.2 km. The device is IP67 certified but whether it would work while swimming or not, we cannot say for sure. We were not allowed to swim with the Gear Fit!

Apart from this, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit  can also perform various general features. One can read emails and sms, check notifications, keep a tab on the weather, change the music playing on your phone. Basically, all this is helpful whenever you don’t want to reach out to your phone. It shows the time whenever you turn up your wrist to check the time.

samsung galaxy gear fit Battery Life

In our tests, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit lasted three days before it required a charge. This is a decent battery backup and the company has done a good job. The only issue is that the connection to the USB cable with the charger requires a small separate accessory. This connector comes in the box but is a bit too small and can be misplaced easily. So, keep a check on it.

Verdict           [usr=4]

What We Liked

The display of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is stunning. The curved screen and the overall design makes it smooth to wear on the wrist and the device looks quite fashionable. The fitness and general features on the watch make sense. The pricing is apt; we agree it is not cheap but then it is not sky high which is a good thing. The battery backup of 3 days is a positive too.

What We Disliked

The device is not completely accurate in terms of measuring the distance and some work needs to be done in this department. We also feel that more number of fitness features should be included since the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is a fitness gadget.

To Sum Up

Samsung has made a big leap forward in the wearable gadgets. Fitness wearables are the future and with a device like Gear Fit, the future is near!