Samsung Galaxy S8: Expectations Grow Bigger

A concept render of the upcoming S8

Previously on Samsung Ball Z: Our hero witnessed adversary in its worst form: fires, coping with copying mechanisms, etc. What’s in store for it this time? We shall see in this all new episode!

Samsung Galaxy S8: What can we expect from Samsung’s much needed flagship device, find out here

Release: The S8 Expected to be launched in April of 2017.

S-Pen: The S-Pen stylus, the pride of the Note series, may make its way over to the S-series. I think it looks great, the stylus. It’s sleek and sexy, unique. I personally would love to use that stylus.

RAM: The day isn’t far people. 8 GB of ram in your phone. Just a few years ago they were a dream in PCs.

Body: No buttons at all: That’s true. No volume or power buttons either. A big jump from a phone which had a big power button right at the middle.

Processor: Exynos Chipsets: Two of them. One outputs 2.3 GHz clock speed, the other 2.5 GHz.

Pressure Sensitive Touch: Again, copying iPhone. Samsung never learn do they it?

Anyway, as far as I’ve seen, Samsung Galaxy S series is the only series which hangs the least, has a great display which stands out. So I’d bet this one won’t fail us (or Samsung).

Sure, the future looks great and the sky seems blue, but it doesn’t always go happy in our hero’s life (i.e. Note 7). Only time will tell what becomes of this move. See you next time on Samsung Ball Z

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