Samsung S8: What to expect this time around

samsung galaxy s6 edge

To quote CNET, “Galaxy S8 to rise from the ashes of Note 7.” A statement that’s impeccably correct on many levels for the Samsung S8. It is needless to say that Samsung’s main focus should be on the anti-combustion department this time, however it has many brand new features coming up:

  • No pressing: Removal of the Home Button for a virtual button. Finally
  • 5-inch audio jacks? Who does that anymore? Following apple’s suit, Samsung has decided to step away from the “conventional” audio jacks too. It will now have USB jacks.
  • An OLED, completely frameless model is expected.
  • A brand-new digital assistant called Bixby.
  • Two rear cameras.

Samsung, a Korean company, made its way to the top by copying Apple and accepting so in court, and ended up paying billions of dollars to Apple.

Then it angered the lord of fire and ended up paying billions of dollars again.

Our hero has suffered, ached and cried. But will he come out victorious this time? Will he beat his adversary? Only time and a new dual-edged screen will tell.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Samsung Ball Z.