Sennheiser Brings Perfect Valentine’s Day Offers

sennheiser PMX_686G_SPORTS SERIES

Guys and girls, get ready to add a flavour of music and sound to your Valentine’s Day this Sunday. Get ready to fall in love with music this time and add excitement to your romantic celebrations.

There might be a lot on your mind about celebrating the Valentine’s Day and you might have thought about making the most of the day by spending time with your lover and also gifting him/her something special. Now categorizing something specific as special would not be right as on this day the gift comes all the way from the heart.

But what if you can really categorize something as special? Yes, there is a gift which can be really special for your partner this Valentine’s. I’m talking about Sennheiser’s ultra-stylish and classy range of headphones, which seem like a unique and a really special gift for the Valentine’s.

Well, the best part is that you have amazing sets of earphones and headphones to choose from.

Sennheiser Momentum In Ear Headphones
These are a stylish pair of headphones, ideal for a fashionable partner. They are highly stylish and comforting. These headphones come with a price tag of ₹6,990.

Sennheiser Sports PMX686
As the name suggests, these headphones are for the sporty partner who loves to jog, gym and even swim. Yes, swim because these headphones are waterproof. But obviously for swim, you’ll need a water proof device too. Anyways, this is the perfect gift for a sporty Valentine’s partner. These headphones can be bagged in for ₹7,990.

Sennheiser Urbanite Family (On Ear and Over Ear)
sennheiser URBANITE_XL_OVER EAR_NationThese headphones are categorized as bold and beauty, well read a more and you’ll get to know why. The Sennheiser Urbanite Family comes in two variants- The Urbanite On Ear and The Urbanite Over Ear. Both these pairs of headphones are high-quality noise cancelling wireless headphones offering amazing sound clarity.

They come with Sennheiser’s NoiseGard technology that helps in cancelling all the outside noise and ensuring a better sound quality. The On Ear variant comes at a price tag of ₹15,990 and the Over Ear one can be bought for ₹19,990. They can be categorised as beautiful because they come in amazing colours. Another one in the Urbanite category is the Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless, which come packed with Bluetooth and NFC technology. They are available for a price tag of ₹24,990. Got the bold tag now?

Sennheiser RS Wireless 175
These headphones are known as the black beauty headphones. They are ideal for getting interference free and a crystal clear sound. This can be ideal if you have plans to watch movies with your partner lying down on the couch. It will give a theatre like experience plus you can make it more romantic through your own ways. This black beauty can be bought for ₹19,990.

And there is something exciting that Sennheiser is offering you for Valentine’s Day. The offer by Sennheiser is that you buy a pair of headphones above ₹5,000 and you can win a dinner date with your partner at some of the best restaurants in India. Nice offer, but its available only on shop.sennheiserindia website.

So get ready to spread the love of music to your partner this Valentine’s Day.