SHARP Launches Hi-tech Air Purifier

sharp air purifier

Indian market leader in air purifiers, SHARP launched new air purifier DW-E16FA-W. This product combines Dehumidifying function and Plasmacluster technology. This helps consumers to reduce allergens and get fresh air even during monsoons without worrying about the humidity.

It has a coverage area of 240 sq. ft. for dehumidification and 300 sq. ft. for air purification. It can also deactivate molds, viruses and bacteria by using its Plasmacluster technology. This technology is also used to reduce static charge and neutralize toxic gases. While the dehumidification technology controls the humidity level in the room while purifying.

The SHARP DW-E16FA-W boasts of technologies like True HEPA, Active Charcoal Filter and Pre Filter. It is the only air purifier in the market with these features that enables it to provide a superlative and efficient performance.

It removes dust, smoke and pollen up to 99.97% using the True HEPA filters. The air purifier also features a carbon filter for removal of bad odor and other smelly substances. It also has a Laundry function. In this, it uses a high concentration of Plasma cluster ions to remove laundry odor.

The SHARP DW-E16FA-W is available all across the nation with select partners at a price of INR 36,000.