Sleeker Than A Phone, Seagate Seven Announced


American electronics manufacturer Seagate most commonly known for data storage device such as pen drives and external hard disk drives.

The company decided to launch their latest product on Sunday 04 January, one day before the launch of CES (Consumer Electronic Show), named ‘Seven’.

Seagate Seven is an external hard disk drive which currently, as the company claims is the world’s thinnest external hard disk drive and measuring in at 7 mm (hence, the name) the drive is just a bit thicker than the Apple iPhone 6.

The actual Seagate Seven drive is 5 mm thick with a capacity of 500 GB which is enclosed in a super thin case made of high quality stainless steel that mirrors the shape of the hard disk inside.

The key specifications of the Seagate Seven hard disk – it is a SATA hard disk 6 GB/s, 5400 RPM (rotations per minute), USB 3.0 for high read/write speeds, 16 MB cache, 1.4 watt power consumption in use and 470mW (0.47 W) consumption in idle mode, average latency of 5.6ms. The external hard disk comes with a 2 year warranty.

Seagate already has a 500 GB external hard disk in its portfolio, which was 5mm thick which was unveiled in June 2013, but was not much of practical use because the 5mm thickness would require vendors to make modifications in their existing design which are compatible with drives which are 7mm thick.

The Seagate Seven will be available for purchase later this month in the US with an expected price tag of $99.99 (about Rs. 6,200, £70, AU$110).

Stay tuned for more from CES 2015.

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