Smart Phones Are Passe, LG Smart Bulb Is Here


LG is a very innovative company. It has developed many technologies like IPS displays (H-IPS & P-IPS) and a smartwatch/stylus hybrid to name a few. Recently, at CES 2014, LG displayed its next generation of home appliances that were ‘smart’ like your smartphones. LG called those appliances ‘Smart ThinQ’. It included appliances like smart washers, smart refrigerators, smart oven, etc.

These appliances work like our smartphones. For e.g. you can give your washer commands on when to start/stop washing, or you can retrieve data from it like what cycle it is undergoing, etc. LG has made a new addition to these smart appliances, not in ThinQ category though. This latest addition is the LG Smart Bulb.

LG Smart Bulb is a smart LED light bulb that can be connected directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The bulb is powered by LED which makes it consume less power and hence it is a low-wattage bulb. LG even averred that LG Smart Bulb can last for about a decade! LG has also made a mobile app for you to control these bulbs. You can simply switch on/off or dim the bulb using this app. You also get many other functionalities for the bulb through this app. You can set the blub as your notification light and make it blink whenever you receive a notification.

This can be helpful in cases where you are watching movie on your TV and did not hear the notification ‘beep’ (or whatever notification tone you have set). You also get modes like Security Mode and Play mode in the LG Smart bulb. In Security mode, bulbs act as if you were at home and lights up, even you are not (this feature is to protect thievery?). The other mode, Play Mode, changes your lighting conditions according to the song being played. If you play a high bpm ground rocking music, your room may turn into a dance floor with dim flashy lights!

LG had also recently revealed LG G Watch. I wonder if we would have an app on the watch too, for controlling the lights. It will be much easier to control the lights as the watch will always be with us. Anyways, for now, the mobile app can run on Android devices running on 4.3 Jelly Bean or later, it will also work on iOS device with iOS 6.0 and later.

Talking about the pricing, LG Smart Bulb will cost you around 2000 in Indian currency. At this price, I think that this Smart Bulb is a value for money. We get regular lighting instruments/devices ranging from 300 to 500, then why hesitate to buy this Smart Bulb with so many features and 10 years of life!

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