Sony Portable Speaker Review

Sony Portable Speakers

Sony Portable Speaker is a new addition to this Japanese firm’s already impressive consumer electronics line up. These smart speakers come with official name: SRS-BTM8. Today we are going to review them for you. Sony Portable SpeakersIn order to connect the speakers to your Bluetooth or NFC enabled handset, simply tap it to the Sony Portable Speaker. It would then start playing the song which is currently running on your smartphone. It has got a strong Base Reflex System. This feature produces great beats and the sound quality remains premium even at high volumes. This would be difficult to explain through writing.

Sony calls them Party Starters!

Sony Portable Speaker SRS-BTM8 comes with a 20 hour battery life. That is really impressive as most of the portable speakers suffer with battery issues. Either they would pack in a good battery under the hood or they would come with good sound output. Sony Portable Speaker has both of these qualities in its armour.Sony Portable SpeakerSony Portable Speaker supports voice calls also, either through Bluetooth or WIfi. The sound quality during a call is crisp and clear. You can easily adjust the volume.Sony Portable SpeakerOn the left hand side pairing with Bluetooth option is present. Remember, you can tap to pair with NFC but not with Bluetooth. For that you have to press that button. Music play and pause button is present alongside it. The extreme left of Sony Portable Speaker houses a Power on/off button.Sony Portable SpeakerNow coming to the build quality and design. You really need to see these speakers, especially the silver colored ones. The design is simply one of the best in the markets. In terms of weight, Sony Portable Speaker is not too heavy. It would be easy to carry in your hands or in your backpack. The holding grip portion is fitted with some soft cushion material so that your fingers do not strain even one percent.

Sony Portable Speaker SRS-BTM8 is available in 2 colours, black and silver. Sony is offering this device at a market price of 5990 INR. We would say that it is a realistic price considering the fact that quality speakers are often too pricey. The pricing suggests that Sony is trying to be competitive. The product is great with sleek finish, good design and a nice built.  To top it all, the pricing is also impressive. A sweet product from Sony!

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