Sony Vaio Fit 15E Laptop Review

Sony Vaio Fit 15E

Sony Vaio Fit 15EBe it smartphones or laptops, Sony is famous for developing stylish products. One such product is Sony Vaio Fit 15E laptop which is a non touchscreen offering from Sony. The model number we are going to review is SVF15218SNB and costs around Rs 45,000/- This laptop is surely great when it comes to looks and style but what about performance? What about the ease of use? How does the battery perform? Come let’s test!

Design And BuildSony Vaio Fit 15E

Sony Vaio Fit 15E laptop is is aesthetically designed and is available in black and white colours. The white colour resembles a Mac laptop but the comparison has to be stopped there and then itself. Unlike Macbook, the body of the Sony Vaio Fit 15E laptop is made of complete plastic and needs to be handled with care. Saying that, the fiber plastic has its own benefits. The laptop does not heat up quickly and is easy to work with even when you have placed it in your laps. However, it is not advisable to do so for the health reasons. The device is really sleek and the Vaio logo affixed in the middle adds to the charm.

TouchpadSony Vaio Fit 15E

This is perhaps the best thing about Sony Vaio Fit 15E laptop. If you compare the touchpad with other laptops, it is really huge but then, it has its own advantages. Pinch to zoom in and out. Users can also scroll horizontally and vertically by sliding two fingers simultaneously on the touchpad. Make a swipe from extreme right to left and a menu pop up which provides you with the option to tweak settings, search anything on your system or share a file. Swipe from extreme left and it takes you to the previous running application. All in all, the touchpad works like a charm and annihilate the need for a touchscreen laptop.

KeyboardSony Vaio Fit 15E

Sony Vaio Fit 15E laptop comes with an island type keyboard and the keys are spread evenly on the surface. This arrangement makes the keys occupy a lot of space on the laptop, thus giving it a bigger look. If you are migrating from a normal keyboard to the island one for the first time, chances are that you would find life difficult for atleast one week. Thereafter, you hands and finger would get accustomed to this new keyboard. It isa transition phase in the laptop market and slowly but steadily, all the manufacturers are giving an island keyboard in there laptops.


This particular model of the Sony Vaio Fit 15E laptop comes with a Intel Core I5 processor and 4 GB RAM. Also appended is a 1 GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M graphic card. This is a high end graphic card which performs extremely well in the benchmark tests and alongwith the 4 GB RAM, would provide you with a good gaming and high definition movie watching experience. The stock 4 GB RAM can be expanded to 8 GB. Sony Vaio Fit 15E laptop would not let you down on the performance front and you can run all your heavy software, latest games and movies easily.


Sony has provided the users with a 1.9 MP HD camera in this device. However, when you open the stock camera application, you would feel cheated! Please stay calm, this is the case with almost all the laptops running Windows 8. Try chatting on Skype or Google Hangout or download any external camera application and you would definitely get a better image quality.

SpeakersSony Vaio Fit 15E

What to say about them! When a person thinks about Sony, the first thing that comes to his/her mind is not a laptop or a smartphone but something like a Walkman or some audio system. Well, Sony Vaio Fit 15E laptop lives upto the Sony’s traditional tag and is a powerhouse in the sound output department. It comes with 2 speakers and a woofer system. The woofer is present at the base of the laptop and sometimes you might feel that zingy noise when you pump up the volume to near maximum. Otherwise, you would not require external speakers with this laptop. Please do not get tricked when the sale- person of the shop tries to bundle you with external speakers at a low cost. You don’t need them!

BatterySony Vaio Fit 15E

Sony Vaio Fit 15E laptop packs in a 4 cell battery under the hood. It is able to provide you with an average performance of say 3.5-4 hours when you are simply doing your work. Start watching some videos or listen to songs side by side your work and the battery life drops to 2.5-3 hours. We were not much impressed by the battery uptime but the quick charging capability of this device helped it save some blushes.


What We Liked

The 15.5 inch display is vibrant. The touchpad is really cool and is easy on fingers and enables you to establish tasks quickly once you get hold of it. When you are using Sony Vaio Fit 15E laptop, you would see that it makes sense not to buy a laptop with touchscreen when the touchpad is so awesome. The bigger size of the laptop ensures that your hands get a good resting space on either side of the the touchpad. This saves the user from palm fatigue which is a really common issue with the users who work for long hours on there laptops. The sound output would simply rock your world!

What We Disliked

The juice provided by the battery could have been a little better. We cannot complain much because most of the 4 cell laptops give around 3-4 hours of life but Sony Vaio Fit 15E laptop has so much to offer, we were left wanting for a bit more of battery uptime with all the powerhouse features on-board.

To Sum Up

At the price point Sony is offering this device, it is a good value for money product. It is a complete entertainment package and is a strong performer on the multitasking front. The battery backup is great if you are using Sony Vaio Fit 15E laptop solely for work. There is one other laptop which was launched recently and is giving direct competition to the Sony’s. The device we are talking about is HP Pavilion 15-E016TX. It comes with 1 TB hard disk and 1GB or 2 GB graphic card(optional). The specifications may sound luring but let us tell you that the 2 GB graphic card present in the HP laptop is does not performs better than the one found in Sony’s laptop. Also, we did not like the keys of the HP laptop. However, HP is offering a much better built quality as their laptop is made up of metal. If you are a rough handler then go for HP laptop otherwise opt for Sony.

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