Soon, Control Drones With Your Tweets

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The day is not far when your activity on twitter, the tweets you post and replies you make would be controlling a drone. Twitter has been granted a patent for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that would capture photos and videos, which will further be shared through users’ accounts on the website. So in a way, the movements of the drone would be under the control of users’ likes, tweets and replies, meaning it would determine what images have been recorded by the drone.

Twitter has not responded in any regard with the patent, but a Twitter spokesperson had made a two word comment, ‘drone selfies’ on CNBC.

A drone mostly is a machine with camera-equipped quadcopters, whose four rotors are computer controlled. The popularity of drones is gaining pace.

Even major companies like Amazon, Google and Walmart are also looking forward to drones as these could help the companies in the speedy delivery of packages. Google is planning to start with drone deliveries by 2017, while Amazon is ready with a smarter prototype drone, which according to the company can deliver small packages to customers in less than 30 minutes.

Walmart too has entered the fray and has asked for permission from the Federal Aviation Administration to test its own drones to deliver merchandise.

The rules proposed by FAA in regards to the usage of drones will probably come into effect by mid of next year. The rules for drones such as the one Twitter would be working upon have still not been clearly formulated.

Twitter’s idea of the usage of drones could be different as well from the one mentioned in the patent. So let’s wait and watch, how the Twitter drones would fly.

Mohit Sharma
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