Soundbot SportsBot SS301 Review

soundbot sportsbot

Gamers love their accessories to be perfect when it comes to playing computer games and SoundBot is one company which strives to achieve that kind of perfection. In the past, the SoundBot products have not disappointed me. So when the opportunity arrived to review their SportsBot SS301 gaming combo kit, I jumped at it.

Soundbot SportsBot SS301 Features

soundbot sportsbot keyboard1. Gaming LED Keyboard – The keyboard is a blue LED backlit one with keys to control music level, volume and quickly check email in the middle of an ongoing game. Further, there are 3 light settings options present which can be adjusted according to the overall light conditions.

soundbot sportsbot mouse2. Gaming LED mouse – With the mouse, one can easily adjust the DIP resolution to fit the custom needs of the user.The optical sensor is precise on most of the surfaces and the mouse has the same backlit tone as the rest of the gaming set.

soundbot sportsbot headset3. Gaming LED headset – The headset has a 40 mm speaker driver in order to provide the users a rich gaming sound experience. Then there is volume controller and mic as well. The headset is quite comfortable to wear for longer time periods at a go. Also, you will find a 3.5 mm jack wire in the headset. This is a cool feature and is most of the times missing in the entry level gaming gear. The LED lights up when you plug in the wire into a jack.


With the Soundbot SportsBot SS301, I re-engaged into games like Hitman, GTA 5, and FIFA. I had already played these games earlier on my system without any special gear. However, the SportsBot took my experience to another level and I enjoyed every bit of it.

The gear comes at a price point of Rs 1,999 and is available online at an even cheaper price! At that kind of price and the value it has to offer, it is something you should not miss!


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