Specs Leak: Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S5

The year is about to end and speculations about what Samsung Galaxy S6 will be about have already started doing rounds. Few months back it was revealed that Samsung has started from ground zero and is going for something altogether new and different for the designing of the S6. Now, new ‘things’ have surfaced which are really enticing!

First and foremost, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have dual curved edges. This means that it will be completely bezel free! If you think that this kind of rumour has been doing rounds since the time of Galaxy S5, I will like to tell you that this time it could well be true.

Remember, Sharp’s bezel less smartphone, the Aquos Crystal?
To be precise, the phone is not completely bezel-less but the width of the side material is almost negligible.

Now imagine a phone with no bezel and curved display on both sides which can actually be put to good use. Yes, that could very well be Samsung Galaxy S6.

Another noteworthy thing which is coming up is that the phone will be made of complete metal like the iPhone and the HTC One. However, I beg to differ. Samsung has always tried to keep the price of its flagship device relatively cheaper. The Galaxy S5 smartphone was launched with a pretty hefty price tag but that came crashing in the first month of its launch. A dual curve display is not cheap to manufacture and so, the body of the Samsung Galaxy S6 could be a plastic one.

Not to forget, the heart sensor which has been strangely used by Samsung in Galaxy S5 might get a no show in the Samsung Galaxy S6. It is accurate but doesn’t really looks apt to be placed at the back of the smartphone.

As of now, this is all we have about the Samsung Galaxy S6. Chances are that the phone might get launched at CES 2015 itself. Well, that is scheduled in February. More information is expected about this upcoming big phone and we will keep you posted.