Stellar Data Recovery: Solid Solution To Keep Data Safe

stellar data

Smartphones have made it easier to capture the best moments in life as they happen. File sharing apps and low data rates have made it further easy to share all these moments. But when it comes to accidentally deleting these images or phone/laptop crash, what do we do?

Cloud storage is one solution for such a scenario but let’s be honest, how many of us religiously take time out to upload the images to cloud for safety. We panic when the data is deleted/lost or when the hard disk crashes. In such a scenario, Stellar Data Recovery solution comes in handy.

Stellar Data Recovery offers solution to recover both the images as well as the videos. So how does it work?

Once you have the Stellar Data Recovery in your system, it will start working and display you a preview of all the deleted images, videos and documents. You can then chose to recover few or all the files.

What’s Special about Stellar Data Recovery anyway?

1. Stellar Photo Recovery Premium Edition – We are not only talking about recovering the video. The premium edition takes it a notch higher and you can repair the images and videos. How cool is that!

2. Data recovery for MAC – Hey MAC users, Stellar solution is an essential solution for you as in this world of complexities, it simplifies all the data recovery tasks for you. You can recover the data from all types of MAC devices. One of the advances feature of the software includes disk imaging which helps in customized scanning and quick recovery

3. Not happy with the Stellar Data Recovery solution? No problem! The company has so much trust in its product, it offers you a 30 day money back guarantee.

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