TCL 4K Roku TV Coming At CES

4k ultra hd tv

Last year, major electronics manufacturers launched which then the beginnings of TV with 4K resolution, which included flat and even curved 4K TVs, which were not just large screen with tons of pixels, they were smart TVs which included companies like Samsung, Sony, etc.

Chinese electronics manufacturer TCL, is gearing up ahead of CES 2015 to show off their latest line up of products which among other things include a TCL 4K Roku TV.

The company’s focus for the upcoming year is TCL TV+, which according the company – combines the latest display and acoustic (sound) processing technologies which aim to provide users with incredible interactive features such as smart remote control, multi-media sharing and electronic program guide.

Apparently these features in the TCL 4K Roku TV also includes the ability to effortlessly switch between local cable, stream videos, gaming and online music.

Similar to the TCL 1080p Roku TV which we saw in 2014, the new model ‘the TCL 4K Roku TV’ has a home screen which is more focused on apps, and will give users access to a large number of streaming apps in addition to Roku which, this time will be available in 4K.

In addition to the announcing the 4K TV, TCL also said that the company is also building partnerships with other companies too besides Roku. TCL also said that the Roku TV platform has the largest number of streaming channels of any smart TV as of now.

And in addition to their flagship 4K Roku TV, TCL also plans to release a series of other Roku TV model in the upcoming weeks.

Stay tuned for more from CES 2015.

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