Top 5 Apps For Entrepreneurs

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 At some point in your life you would have with no doubt thought or played with the idea of being an entrepreneur. A bright idea that is not yet out in the market or a competitive setup about which you are confident that it will work out.

Whatever it might be, the initial stages one will have to tread on are not at all comparable to that of the established setups. The deep rooted setups will have reliable workforce, mostly. Financing, planning, marketing etc are all the things which they would already have some experience with and won’t face the obscure feeling.

However there is an attention grabbing fact about start ups. The probability of the progress or success of a start up is way higher than that of an established organisation. However we will have to keep a note that we are talking about gambling with new product release in to the commercial market and not in terms of overall establishment.

With being an entrepreneur also comes myriad of challenges. It feels like the setup is a one man army, you will have to juggle lots and lots duties with inadequate time, deviate from duties according to academic qualification and perform unfamiliar tasks.

All this will over load your system and in reality it is difficult to manage all these many.

So what’s the quick fix?

Yes, as you expected, it’s the handy software applications. We bring you the top 5 apps for entrepreneurs.

I shall give you an overview on various top Windows 10 apps for an ‘Entrepreneur’ in the following.

 1. TouchMail

If you have watched obsessively organised Ryan Reynolds keep track of daily activities via colour coded lists in the movie Chaos Theory and liked the way he does it. TouchMail app is for you. It’s a mail service with which you can colour code mails and contacts. It is the number one app in our list of apps for entrepreneurs.

2. Bamboo Paper

Humans are inclined towards visual and audio signals and are very receptive to them. Hence noting down your ideas in your own handwriting and drawing some initial sketches for your idea by hand is quite rewarding. This way you can clearly recall what the idea. You can do all this with the app, ‘Bamboo Paper’.

3. Kopy

There comes an instant where you will have to view a large text on a desktop instead of the smart phone. Just use ‘Kopy’ and hit send. The required text will instantly show up.

4. Maps

Occupying the number 4 position in the apps for entrepreneurs, just like any other maps app, this will show a map of a desired location. However you can pin various geo-locations of your business setups. You also can track your GPS enabled devices in real time.

 5. ToDo

Now, the good old ‘To Do’ list. With the app ‘ToDo’, you can set reminders for a particular time and date for a particular task or just add a note without all the fuss.

Did you like these apps for entrepreneurs? What fits you the best? It’s your choice. Anything else on your mind? Put them down in the comments.

Lohith is a Biomedical engineer by training and an impassioned dog-lover. He diligently follows and muses about the technological revolution,with a perspective on the cultural aspect of marketing. While he's not busy de-constructing apps, processors and OS', he catches up on quality films


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