Top Phones To Be Launched In 2016

samsung galaxy s6 edge

2015 saw big names coming in the market. From iPhone’s new models to Galaxy’s new models, the smartphone market had an active time this year. There were new entrants like InFocus, Yu etc. as well that were able to turn a lot of heads. Brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus too have been able to establish their names in the market. 2016 too should be big.

A lot of top phones are expected to be launched in the coming year. Here is a list of top smartphones you should look out for in 2016:

Samsung Galaxy S7

This phone surely deserves to be on the top of this list. Wondering, why? It is because even before its launch, it has been the favourite device in the rumour mill. The phone will likely be launched by the end of Feb or early March or maybe even sooner than expected.

The Galaxy S7 may not offer much on looks, but other features like 3D touch technology, dual processors etc. could make it a hot launch of 2016.

Xiaomi Mi5

xiaomi mi4iIf Galaxy S7 can be awarded with the title of rumour mill’s favourite phone, this one’s even ahead of that. Xiaomi Mi5 has been the year’s most leaked phone without doubt. From specs to price, the phone’s details have been coming up on the internet time and again. It has all the ingredients of a top phone this year. Xiaomi Mi5 is expected to be launched in the early phase of 2016.

iPhone 6C
apple iphone
This is the device that has been in the news for a few days. Obviously, when an Apple device is in making and nearing its launch, the environment of the tech world is quite different. The iPhone 5C can be termed as a flop, keeping in view Apple’s standard, so iPhone 6C surely will be carrying a lot of burden of being a quality smartphone. According to reports, the device will likely be out somewhere in March-April 2016.


LG too has started creating wonderful smartphones and especially in its G range of smartphones. LG G4 though could not do very high business, but indeed was a good device. So, keeping that in view, LG G5 would surely be a smartphone to look forward to in 2016. LG is bringing in a lot of upgrades in the G5, in terms of specifications, hardware and features.

HTC One M10

HTC creates beautiful and powerful phones, but thanks to the high competition in the world of smartphones, HTC’s market share is somewhat falling. HTC One M9 was indeed a nice phone, especially in terms of looks. Like its predecessor, HTC One M10 can also expected to be launched at the Mobile World Congress. This phone if created with a mixture of great tech and spec, could bring back HTC to the high level.

Micromax Canvas 6

Micromax launched two models in its Canvas range this year, the Canvas Silver 5 and the Canvas 5. Both these phones from the Indian company did not really bring much on the table. So, the Canvas 6 has to be better and make for that loss.

As of now, no announcement has been made by the company on the launch or creation of the Canvas 6.

OnePlus 3

OnePlus has gained a lot of popularity among the users. All its devices have received a good critical and commercial acclaim. The tradition is expected to be carried forward by its next flagship smartphone as well. The OnePlus 3 is expected to be launched by the mid of 2016.

Apple iPhone 7

This device will be under huge expectations. All Apple devices are always so. This phone surely will bring in something terrific and mind-blowing, may be in terms of a new feature or specification. No announcement about the device has been made as of yet, but the media world is already out with stories relating to the iPhone 7. Hope to hear about iPhone 7 very soon.

Sony Xperia Z6

Sony has not been able to maintain a strong foothold in the smartphone segment. The company has been trying its best to bring in quality phones, but still hasn’t much of passed in doing so. Though not much is known about the Sony Xperia Z6, but it is expected to become a reason of revival for Sony. Being a premium quality device, it is a must to include the phone in top phones for 2016 list.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6

Maybe, it is very early to put this phone in this list. But yes at least, it is expected of Samsung to announce its new Note device sometime soon. And if the Galaxy S7 is out earlier than expected, then the Note 6 too could make an early entry.

It is going to be a great, packed year with big hopes and expectations. Happy New year to all!!