Twiplomacy: Big Data Of World Leaders


I am a strong believer in going with the flow and that is what convinced me to sign up for a Twitter account a few years ago. The entire platform baffled me, you don’t chat much, you don’t like much; all you ever do is tag along (or, follow)! But, Twitter did something which no other social networking has and would never do- it added a world of meaning to the term ‘Follow and un-follow’. People became obsessed with their number of followers.

twitterApps were developed to track the genuine from the imposter, fights over Twitter gained coverage in national and international media platforms, people fell in love, fell out of love, people bought, people lost, a different world opened up for the people living in the real world. So, the news of politicians world-over using Twitter to establish a relationship of sorts with the world out there shouldn’t come in to be a shock.

World leaders who reign and lose their reigning glory in the world of Twitter is tracked by Twiplomacy.  And according to Twiplomacy, our very own Prime Minister Narendra Modi (@NarendraModi) has 4,967,847 followers, which makes him the fifth most followed leader in the world. He is very soon expected to cross the coveted mark of 4,976,734 followers which at the moment is being boasted by the official White House Account (@Whitehouse).

Twiplomacy states that United Nation governments have a noteworthy presence of around 83  percent and 643 accounts in 161 countries around the world are owned by members of the governing body.  The only leaders who are yet to join this race of supremacy and power are residents of Africa and Asia Pacific.

And these Twitter accounts are not just mere numbers, these speak volumes about the leader’s power, a countries’ relationship with the world out there and their growth in the world economy.  Twiplomacy, since its birth three years ago, has gained as much momentum as the leaders on Twitter. It has become the Twitter Bible for those who take Twitter and politics more seriously than life itself. And it doesn’t stop at that; Twiplomacy has become a classroom for corporate honchos and their corporation who learn the skill of networking and establishing a relationship of sorts with all the Tweeple out there.

And for the ones apolitical and disinterested in the power play around, Twiplomacy is a dump yard of information. It would tell you that French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius (@LaurentFabius) has strong mutual connections with more than 91 leaders all over the world.

Pope Pope Francis (@Pontifex) can change the course of world history as he is more influential than all the world leaders on Twitter put together (each of his tweets are retweeted more than 10,000 times. And, while Barack Obama was the first world leader to sign up for a Tweeter account and has a substantial fan following, he is the least power leader (as his tweets are merely retweeted).

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