Unlockar Review: Unlock And Enjoy!

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User Interface

Many of us like customizing our Android phones; But to what extent can you customize your lock-screens? I just knew one way, to add either some utility widget and/or putting some fancy lockscreen wallpaper. But there’s a second way I’ve got now. It gives your lockscreen a different dimension entirely, and a reason to unlock your phone again and again. And that second way is – Unlockar!

Unlockar is an application that replaces your conventional lockscreen with a new experience. By new experience, I mean, it is not ‘just’ lockscreen, it’s more than that. Unlockar displays different wallpapers every time you unlock your phone. These wallpapers may not necessarily be wallpapers itself, they range from scenic wallpapers to memes to advertisements to almost everything else that a picture can show!

unlcokar moneyYou can see a ‘u’ symbol or a rupee symbol. You need to swipe that symbol to unlock your phone. Now here’s why I said that you’ll be delighted to unlock your phone again and again. Everytime you unlcok your phone, you earn a ucoin or rupee, depending upon the symbol. But do make sure that you don’t unlock again and again just to make money, Unlockar team has put a limit on the number of unlocks one can make in a day: 100 unlcoks. You can redeem your ‘hard earned'(pun intended) ucoins on variety of deals that are available on unlockar website. There are many exciting deals like discount coupons of food joints and cafes.

Just in case you didn’t find a deal apt for you, there’s even another way you can utilise your ucoins – you can bid at auctions of 100/50 rupees voucher of either freecharge or bookmyshow. The auctions are held everyday evening at either 7 or 8pm. The minimum number of ucoins you’ll require to get into the auctions are 200, but I suggest you not to enter any auction with less than 2000 ucoins as yesterday’s highest bid was 2500 and you can see today’s highest yourself! There’s also a way to earn real cash (redeemable only through freecharge or bookmyshow vouchers). Sometimes, instead of ucoin symbol, rupee symbol comes. By swiping the rupee symbol leftwards, you get 0.1 rupees in your unlockar wallet. Interesting right? And alluring too!

Monetization aside, the app is fun to use and the ucoin earnings at every unlock adds to its beauty. The wallpapers that you’ll see on your lockscreen are derived from the sources that you select while setting up the app (can be modified later). Unlockar calls these sources channels. As of now, there’s not much variety of content as there are not many channels available but Unlockar promises to add more channels sometime later.

Overall, an awesome experience with Unlockar. The good part is that the size of the app is extremely small and it gets installed withing seconds. I suggest you to take your hands on this amazing app.

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