Use These Apps During Delhi Odd Even Days

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Delhi is all set to get into Odd-Even mood, come January 1. From January 1, 2016 private vehicles will be allowed to run on Delhi roads on the basis of their licence plates. The car with an odd number will be allowed on an odd day, while the cars with an even number will be allowed on an even day. The Delhi government is bringing in this initiative to curb Delhi’s high rising pollution.

This method has been followed in various other countries of the world as well in different forms. There are a lot of challenges that will be faced in the implementation of this rule and as of now the Delhi government is just giving it a try till January 15 to see how successful the initiative turns out to be.

It is not just the government that will be facing challenges, but individuals too will have to find alternatives and methods to follow the odd even initiative in Delhi. One such method of help can be certain mobile apps which will be of some help to the people to find alternatives during odd/even rule.

The following are some of the best apps that an individual can utilise during the days of the odd/even rules:

helpchatHelpchat: Helpchat is a messaging platform that can assist you in knowing about the odd/even rulers in details. It will be helpful in answering all your queries related to odd/even rules. This app also has a feature, wherein you can book a cab from any of the taxi providers.

FrndiNeed: Confused by the app name? Well, its pronounced as- “Friend-in-Need.” It is an app that helps the user find their nearby friend, based on their location and ask them for Lift, Poke them for instant plans or even Plan a Meet Up. There is also an SOS option, which will be helpful in urgent situations.  The process of the app is pretty simple. Within the network of your friends, you can request for lift to a nearby friend through call or text and if the acceptance is made by the friend, the app will help you reach your friend. Well, it is rightly said, “A Friend-in-Need is a friend indeed.”

Uberpool: Uber taxi service is already a cheap and popular option. Now, here is an app referred to as Uberpool that could be useful for carpooling service. The process is simple and convenient, the commuters following the same route get to share a ride and split the cost if they have requested a ride along a similar route. This can help the travellers save up to 50 per cent of cost and can be cheaper than using and maintaining a personal vehicle as well.

voodoo appVoodoo: There are numerous cab booking apps that would be used during the Delhi odd even rule, but instead of downloading all these apps, why don’t just use Voodoo? Yes, this app will help Delhi people in tracking the availability of the cheapest and the nearest cabs available to you, across all apps. And not only track, you can book with one click too through this app.

Hope this initiative is well implemented and ensures a smoother commute for the Delhites as well. And above all, hope to breathe a cleaner air in Delhi very soon.

Mohit Sharma
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