Utter! Voice Command Beta Review

Utter Voice Command Beta
User Interface

When I say virtual personal assistant for smartphone, what may first come to your mind are Google Now, Siri, or Cortana might be the latest addition in your list of late. For android, there are many third party virtual personal assistants as well, but none of them is even close to Google Now. It was Motorola Moto X that made the real use of Google Now by integrating it in and out of the Moto X and that is what I would like to call a proper virtual personal assistant, which is listening to you always. And then comes ‘utter! Voice Commands BETA!’. It is little awkward considering this a review of an app still in beta stage. Well, that’s because I couldn’t resist but write about this fantastic app!

Utter is the only ‘smart’ virtual personal assistant you should have, dumping even Google Now (Moto X is the exception)! Utter! Voice Command Beta is so smart, that it answers all your questions whatever they may be unlike Siri which becomes silent when answer is unknown to it. It not only answers your questions, but also follows your orders. Utter can perform many tasks on your command. Ranging from simplest basic operations like setting an alarm to some relatively heavy operations like updating your facebook status, all with just a command, and its done. You can tweet ‘I am using utter!’ by simply saying “tweet I am using utter!”; as simple as that. You can ask it the application you are using and it will tell you the app name. You can send an sms, an e-mail, make it read your facebook notifications and much more (if I mention everything, the list will never end!). You can talk to utter while using some other application too, like you can say an sms while browsing web.

All this can be done by either tapping the dedicated mic shortcut on your homescreen (you need to create one) or by wave-to-speak or shake-to-speak. You need to trigger utter by either making the above gestures or taping the mic icon, this is because utter isn’t listening to you always unlike Moto X. You may even set up a wake up phrase for Utter! Voice Command Beta like ‘OK Google!’ in Moto X to unlock your device and then wave to your smartphone screen (proximity sensors actually) to make utter start listening to you. Apart from all the pre-defined commands, the best part is that you can set new commands, not exactly commands though, but you can set an answer for questions that when asked to utter, it will reply with the answer you’ve set. For example, you can set the question as ‘which is the best phone?’ and set the answer as your phone name!

It offers integration with your e-mail id, facebook, twitter and most importantly with tasker (another app that automates your device).

This app is a complete marvel, but let me remind you that it is still a beta app and not a final release. Saying that utter is in beta stage, there are noticeably many bugs! Though the bugs observed by user are different depending on your phone’s hardware and the android version you are using. It worked fine for me with errors mostly in voice interpretation. Thanks to Brandall (the developer of this app), he helped me figuring out that it was a problem with Google voice engine and using some other voice engine like IVONA may solve that problem. There are other small bugs in the Utter! Voice Command Beta  like force close or unexpected occasional restarts. There is also limitation for voice options, currently only female voice being available.

Keeping the bugs aside, the main and only drawback of Utter! Voice Command Beta app is that it eats up lots of battery, specially if wake up, shake and wave gestures are activated. Hope that battery optimisations are taken care of at the time of final release. According to Brandall, the app is in final stages of development with added featured and more applications like Whatsapp configurable for integration with utter.

At the end, I would just ask you to try this awesome app available on play store.

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