Vivaldi Browser (Beta) Review: Chrome Got Competition

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User Interface

This review comes after a long long time when I was first introduced to Vivaldi. After much delay, I decided to finally give this new browser a shot.

Design And User Interface

The Vivaldi browser has a fresh look and feel to it. On opening the browser, you are presented with a speed dial windows which contains tiles of the websites and pages you can choose directly to jump to. I like the fact that the bookmarks and history tabs are present at the top of the speed dial window. These two things are important and other browsers which I have used do not have the access buttons located at a convenient place.

The browser also has a built in mail client which is not active yet. However, it is always good to have a dedicated mail client right in the browser itself. Will be updating you on this aspect once it is available for the users.

Also on the left hand side tab are the downloads, notes and the settings buttons.


Microsoft’s Bing has been set as the default search engine in the Vivaldi browser. Beside this, there is another drop down option present through which you can make a DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, Yahoo or a Google search. You can change your default search engine from Bing to any other engine.

One interesting aspect about Vivaldi is that whenever you make a search, the page size is also indicated. While this is kind of fun for the users, web developers and designers would love this.

Then there are lot of options present which help you customize the way you search and the way you looks at the content. Users can select their preferred interface language.

vivaldi browser optionsThere are two interface colours: light and dark to choose from. The interface can also be scaled for the users who like things bigger or smaller.

The background images are a bit limited at 4 currently. I would love to see more number of backgrounds and themes in the near future.

You can play with the tab settings, change the default keyboard shortcuts, select what all your mouse would do and much more.

Privacy is an area which is very critical to a browsers success or failure. However, several times browsers include so many technical options in the privacy menu that users hardly ever read them leave alone understanding all. Vivaldi has kept things simple in this area. There is cookie control option, option to enable/disable third party services, password control option and cookie overview. If you are an advanced user, you can also tweak the proxy settings for the best experience.


Vivaldi browser is all about customization and a fresh user interface. Things have been kept simple and yet they look fresh. With an easy to use interface and powerful performance, I do believe that this browser has all the ingredients to entice you.

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