WD Cloud Storage Service At Rs 11,000


SeagateWD Cloud Storage Service from the global Cloud storage leaders the Western Digital have been made available for the Indian customers. The My Cloud devices of their personal cloud solutions have been launched.

These devices synchronise all the data stored on it with the online cloud storage spaces. So just by plugging these devices to the internet all the cloud storage tasks will be handled by the device with no extra cost for the user. The WD Cloud Storage Service  space is available for computers and mobile phones. Once the data is on the online storage space, the data can be easily organised and is secured by the company.

Files like pictures, videos and important documents can be stored securely with the help of these devices. With different types of data’s being stored on different types of devices, it is cumbersome to manage all the digital mess. So with the aid of these cloud storage devices the data usage and availability will be much easier.

The marketing team of the WD Cloud Storage Service said that when the users constantly want their data to be available on various electronic devices all the time, the Western Digital’s My Cloud personal cloud storage solutions will help in overcoming these problems with the easy to use design, secure data storage and reasonable pricing of these devices. Considering the facilities available from these devices, everyday digital activities can be a tranquil task.

The manufacturer indicates that the cloud storage devices of theirs will support mobile operating systems Android and iOS and desktop OS’s Windows and Mac.

The WD devices can also be used as a content source for movies, music etc., as these data can be streamed to any DLNA certified multimedia device like a WD TV live media player, smart TV’s and gaming consoles.

Coming to the pricing of these storage devices, the WD Cloud Storage Service  for cloud space of 2 TB is available for Rs. 10,999. A 3 TB cloud space for Rs. 12,999 and 4 TB storage space for Rs. 14,999.

With the growing terabytes of digital storage space available for everyone at nominal rates, one can utilise these recent growing trends of cloud storage and forget about backing up the data and issues regarding security and data loss. So even after any loss of digital data the vital data will be waiting unharmed to be downloaded back on to a device of your choice from the cloud storage servers.

Lohith Arcot
Lohith is a Biomedical engineer by training and an impassioned dog-lover. He diligently follows and muses about the technological revolution,with a perspective on the cultural aspect of marketing. While he's not busy de-constructing apps, processors and OS', he catches up on quality films