WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Review

wd my passport ultra 2 tb
Value For Money

It has been some time when the 2 TB variant of the My Passport Ultra from WD was launched in the market. However, the current variant which is available in the market is compatible with Windows 10 and that is the reason I decided to review it.

Design And Build

The WD My Passport Ultra is quite compact for a 2 TB external hard disk. It easily fits into my palm. It is not heavy which makes it portable. The build is complete plastic and the base seems robust but the same cannot be said about the top blue colour surface. Thus, a proper handling is a must.

Then there is a notification light which turns on when the disk is attached to the computer.


The disk comes with USB 3.0 connectivity which makes for a fast file transfer operation. The upload speed (copying data to the WD My Passport Ultra) which I got on my Sony Vaio i5 laptop was 22 MB per second. The download speed was 30 MB per second. Going by the standards, this is a neat speed and I am impressed.

wd my passport ultra 2 tb sizeThe amount of vibration when the WD My Passport Ultra is in operation is minimal. It is comparable with the disks with 1 TB capacity. Same goes for the heat factor and you can use it for extended hours without any worries.

The effective storage space which the user gets is 1.81 TB. The disk has some some setups of apps for Windows and Mac pre-included.

One of the apps which I like is the WD security setup. It enables the user to add password protection to the files present on the WD my passport ultra disk. A cool feature to keep data safe and maintain privacy.


The WD My Passport Ultra is a promising solution to our backup needs. It is light and compact. Copying and pasting files is swift and the included software is useful, especially the security app.

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