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Remember the good old Nokia?

Of course you do. This is the company which helped you sail through your teenage and adulthood. With the primitive (compared to the present tech like Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.) SMS and MMS’s to your friends and relatives, it was quite a memory. Now a days the telecom companies are not even advertising the SMS plans. A drastic change isn’t it?

Now let’s get to the point.

I believe you all think that Microsoft, the giant, bought the whole company, Nokia. However that’s not the case.  Only the mobile phones division was bought by Microsoft and there is still plenty of Nokia left and one of the subsidiary of Nokia is Nokia Technologies.

Nokia Technologies is the brain centre for Nokia. A lot of R&D and innovations come through this branch and get patented if something modernistic is invented.

Now Nokia Technologies has unveiled a 360 degree camera. Meaning the complete surrounding can be captured with a single click. The whole 360 degrees. No panorama no nonsense. Just a lovely 360 degree capture. This is the first time that the 150 year old organisation is venturing into un-treaded territory.

This innovative device is termed as 360 degree camera Nokia Ozo. Not only the video, but also the audio is captured.

This virtual reality venture by Nokia is mainly focused on professional video-graphers/ content producers, etc. rather than the general public. The device was unveiled at an event held at Los Angeles.

This is a boon for the Virtual Reality industry. According to president of Nokia Technologies, Ramzi Haidamus, the Nokia Ozo will enable professionals to create mesmerizing content for general public. He says that the Ozo will revolutionise the entertainment industry.

When coupled with Google Glasses, the user is immersed in a wonderful virtual reality.

Notable Features of the Nokia Ozo

  • 360 degree visual coverage at same the same instant. This is due to eight synchronous video cameras.
  • Ozo can record stereoscopic video. i.e. 3D video.
  • Can record audio. It has eight integrated microphones.

Once the recording is completed, the content recorded from Nokia Ozo can then be published or viewed through commercially available VR (virtual reality) devices.

The Nokia Ozo is orbit shaped and the pricing details have not yet been made public. The release/shipping is expected in the month of September this year.

There are other manufacturers like Gopro, with which one can combine various pictures to form a 360 degree image.

With hopes that its business will bloom in near future, Nokia has stepped in to the VR market after the drastic fall of the majestic phone empire it had up and running. Nokia has got a green signal to acquire Alcatel-Lucent, which is a French telecom company. This will enable to put up a fight against other companies like Huawei and Ericsson.

Lohith Arcot
Lohith is a Biomedical engineer by training and an impassioned dog-lover. He diligently follows and muses about the technological revolution,with a perspective on the cultural aspect of marketing. While he's not busy de-constructing apps, processors and OS', he catches up on quality films