Why Do You Need Envirochip From Synergy Environics


All of us have been using mobile phones, laptops and other gadgets since a long time and have been constantly reading about the harmful radiation these device emit. But then who cares as long as things are fit and fine?

We tend to condone the negative effects of radiation and compare it with things like alcohol and smoking saying that we have been doing such stuff since years.

The fact is that the gadgets which have become a part and parcel of our daily lives constantly emit Microwaves which directly effects the functioning of the human body. Studies done by WHO and other organisations have confirmed that the electromagnetic radiation can lead to:

1. Higher stress levels

2. Tumour growth

3. Cataract

4. Effect on reproductive health

Says Pranav Poddar,Director, Synergy Environics Ltd, “Mobile devices have become a part of our lives and it we cannot think of living without them. In order to protect the humans from the non thermal radiation, we have created Envirochip.” It is a patented technology which makes use of a combination of intert materials which alter the harmful effects of radiation.”

The question arises that is there any proof that the Envirochip will help us protect from radiation or is it just a marketing gimmick?

Let me tell you that the the testing of the Envirochip has been done at the Indian Subsidiary of a French ITES. The sample size of the test was 300 people.

The test was registered at CTRI and the results were impressive. The use of Envirochip on a single person for over a period of 2 weeks resulted in the decline of the pulse rate by 5 percent. This happened to those people who had their pulse rate above 82 beats per minute. The pulse rate is directly related to the stress levels in human beings and thus the Envirochip happens to lower down the stress.

The above finding shave been published in the Journal of Medical Science and Engineering, USA.

Pricing and Availability

The good thing is that the Envirochip is pretty cost effective. This has been done keeping in mind that the consumers are easiy able to keep themselves healthy without spending too much.

A Mobile Envirochip  will cost you Rs 500
A Laptop Envirochip  will cost you Rs 1100
A Desktop Envirochip will cost you Rs 1100
A Wi-Fi Router Envirochip will cost you Rs 700
A Tablet Envirochip will cost you Rs 700

Pretty cheap, isn’t it!

All the Envirochip products are available on Snapdeal. The company also told us that in future they will be available in the retail shops as well.

You can include the Enivrochip in your must have accessory list. It doesn’t costs much and the benefits are long lasting. It is still early days and I don’t expect mobile manufacturers to sell the Envirochip alongside their product because it is quite obvious that no company would say that its mobile, laptop or desktop sends harmful rays to your body!

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