Why Superlinks Ad Network Is A Big Fraud

ad network fraud

Due to the strict monitoring and massive click frauds, Adsense account has become hard to acquire since a couple of years. In order to fill the space for publishers who do not have an adsense account, several big and small advertising companies have cropped up. One such company is Superlinks which I personally tried.

I was approved by Superlinks a few months ago and applied their code to a website. They were offering all the standard display unit sizes which are offered by Adsense and various other ad networks. On top of that, there was this form to sign up where once approved, Superlinks will display DoubleClick ads on the website.

I pumped up good quality traffic on that website and then signed up for the Doubleclick ads form which was accessible from the Superlinks panel itself. I was approved within 3-4 working days and my happiness knew no bounds.

The ads served on the website were of top quality. Most of the times Adsense ads were shown which load up quickly and are relevant to the content. Sometimes, Doubleclick ads were also displayed.

The ad revenue was at par with what Google Adsense pays. I was extremely happy with the CPMs which I was earning. Although that website had low volume of traffic, the earnings were more than what other non Adsense ads networks offered.

The payout was fixed at minimum $100 after 30 days of reaching that mark. The payout options were either either Wire transfer or Paypal. I selected Paypal.

Before hitting the $100 mark, my total earnings stood at $98.03 in the previous month. The month I crossed $100 mark, the stats were not updated. The daily earnings and impressions stood at absolute zero mark! I sent the customer care repeated mails but got no reply.

I waited patiently hoping that it might be a technical fault and the data will get updated in the next month. The good part was that the stats were indeed updated next month.

This is where the whole fraud thing began. Let’s take an example. Let September 2015 be the month when I crossed the $100 threshold. The data was updated only October. My payment should have arrived in November. I waited patiently all November but there was no transaction. The stats however were getting updated steadily. This obviously frustrated me and I wrote two emails to the customer care in a gap of one week. Still no reply.

I then called up the customer care number given on their website. It is a number of Panama city. No one picked up the phone in spite of repeated calls. Their support system is the worst ever. Who knows it is a one room company which has nothing in the name of customer representatives!

To date, there has been no response from Superlinks to why my payment has not been issued. I further tried to put up their ads for a couple of days in order to determine that there wan’t any problem with my account. I was able to implement the code normally and the ads showed up. The stats also got updated.

Sadly guys, the Superlinks ad network, which I started liking, turned out to be a big fraud. To date they still have my $107.81 pending. Not a big amount but just imagine, if they are not paying me this small amount, will they pay a publisher who draws $1000 through ads per month?

Ajay Gupta
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