Xbox One Software Update : Fine-Tuning

Xbox One

Xbox OneXbox One users will now be amazed at what the newest update will enable them to do. After a month of beta testing the innovative features through users who voluntarily wanted to try out these unreleased features, Xbox has gotten its fourth update since its debut. With tough fight being put up by Sony gaming consoles, Xbox is trying hard to make its stand.

However the Xbox One is yet to be released into the Indian market and will be available to the public starting from September this year including other 25 countries.

Now let’s talk about what this Xbox One software update is really going to provide you with.  A few of the main and useful additions that come with the fourth update is that you will be able to get on screen friends notifications, Kinect voice and motion refinements. The February update provided us with improved user interface and the March update gave us a totally modified dashboard giving multiplayer and party chat facility. The Live TV, Smart Glass, audio and browser quality was also improved with the March update.

The improvements with the latest update you get are that you get to run videos or any visual content that has been recorded at 50 Hertz for the Game DVR and Blu-Ray players, Gamers are provided with an option of checking statuses of their game saves, track progress of their game. Also the users will be able to identify their friends in any multiplayer games with the help of their friends list. The users will also be able to view the most preferred apps by their friends.

Notifications on screen give out info about when their favourites and friends log in to Xbox Live. Kinect voice and motion accuracy have also been tinkered with. If the Xbox is set to Instant On mode, the Xbox will automatically update to the latest version and goes to standby mode afterwards, this method has been termed as Silent Reboot by Microsoft. Users can also use manual method for updating with the ‘On demand’ option under system settings.

Other than the above developments in the Xbox One software update, there is an implementation of progress bar providing easy visual interpretation. The progress bar is for recent updates being done to games and other applications.

Sometime this year the firmware update for controller and headset adaptor will be provided. The Xbox One software update will reduce audio static and will give better wireless connectivity.

 Microsoft is continuously having and will have a head on collision with Sony’s Play station products due to their impressive performance and sales. So both of the global leaders will rule the gaming consoles market around the world.

Lohith Arcot
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