Xiaomi Mi Band Review: One Of The Best Fitness Tracker

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Value For Money

Xiaomi Mi Band, its first fitness tracker, offers all the functionality that other trackers do, but what makes it special read on to find out.


Design is a big factor while buying a fitness tracker; Xiaomi’s device doesn’t fail in that department. The Xiaomi MiBand has two parts – the module and the strap.

Module: The module is the heart of the device which contains all the sensors of the device. It is a encased in silver aluminum making it rugged to survive wear and tear.

Band: The module is placed inside the band in a cut out made for it. The band is made of silicon, gentle to the touch and tough. The device ships with a black colored strap but other colored straps are also available. For those who like softer material’s a leather band is also available.


The Xiaomi Mi Band offers all of the features that an average fitness band offers such as-

  • Steps Walked
  • Calories Burned
  • Workout details
  • Sleep Tracking

The sleep tracking is a very interesting feature of this device. In most trackers that offer this function you must put the device in sleep mode but the MiBand can accurately detect when you’re light or deep sleeps without any input which is very cool.

The Xiaomi Mi Band is IP67 rated which makes it waterproof for around 30 minutes and 1 meter of depth. So you can wear this in the shower but probably not while swimming.

The device doesn’t have a display but it has three LED’s which tell you how much of your goal is completed.

When you reach your goal the Xiaomi Mi Band vibrates and the LED’s light up. The device can also be configured to tell you when calls and notifications are incoming.

App And Battery Life

The Xiaomi Mi Band works with the help of a companion app called “Mi Fit” which loads all the data from the band to your phone. The device pairs to your device via Bluetooth Low Energy. The app is quite simple and allows you see your data for as long as you have been logging it in. It also so tell you when you are not logging in or when you reach your goal for a few days straight.

Most trackers provide life in week but Xiaomi Mi Band offers a battery life of one month and exceeds that expectation actually. I received the band at 40 percent battery and 16 days later it is at 35 Percent.

Pricing And Verdict

What really sets the Xiaomi Mi Band apart is the priced at is 79 Yuan(13$) or just Rs 800 which is much cheaper than any tracker of its kind.

It is an extremely good device and has no fatal flaws. At 800 rupees it is singe-handedly the best available fitness tracker on the market.

Pranjal Pande
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