Xiaomi Mi4i vs YU Yureka: Let The War Begin

xiaomi mi4i

The Mi4i basically improved on everything that the Yureka couldn’t give namely a better display, faster processor speeds among others. The Mi4i however has only one flaw: non-expandable storage which is a deal breaker for any media consumer, Xiaomi says it ‘may’ bring a higher storage variant but that’s anytime soon. So lets jump in to this comparison.

Xiaomi Mi4i vs YU Yureka: Design and Camera

The Mi4i comes in a glossy plastic shell which is available in a range of colors. The YU Yureka comes with a rubberized shell in black only. The Yureka is nicer to hold but the Mi4i certainly stands out and make a statement a bit like how the 5c did.

The Yureka comes with a Sony IMX135 with a 13MP sensor and an f/2.2 aperture and a 5 piece lens. The camera has been found in the likes of the Galaxy S4, Note 3 and LG G3 amongst others. The camera does well in sunlight/outdoor conditions but doesn’t cut it in low-light/indoor conditions. Nevertheless considering the phone’s sensor has been on last year’s flagships this makes it quite a steal. With an 5MP shooter video chat will be clear and selfies with be sharp. Video recording is at 1080p@30fps.

The Mi4i comes with an unspecified Sony/Samsung 13MP sensor with a smaller f/2.0 aperture and a 5 piece lens. The camera has a smaller aperture range i.e. more light in your images for better low-light images. The camera takes sharp images outdoors but again lacks in low light conditions considering the aperture its packing. With an 5MP front shooter the video chatting and selfies will be brilliant! Video recording is a 1080p@30fps.

Winner: Tie. The Mi4i has a better camera but the Yureka feels nicer in the hand.

Xiaomi Mi4i vs YU Yureka: Performance & Battery

Both phones have the same 64-biy Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 which is a staple in mid-rangers now days. Xiaomi claims that this is the 2nd generation chip and has fixed overheating and performance issues found in the 1st generation one, we do not know if the Yureka is using the first of second gen. chip.

The Mi4i has a faster processor with 4 high-power cores @ 1.7GHZ and the four energy efficient cores @ 1.1GHz they are all 64-bit compatible. Backed by 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM the phone works perfectly on MIUI 5 based off Lollipop.

The phone has big 3120mAh battery and is very efficient

The Yureka has 4 high-power cores @ 1.5GHz and 4 energy-efficient cores @ 1GHz. It is backed by 2GB of LPDDR3 RAM. The clock speed is lower than the Mi4i but in runs through Cyanogenmod 12 like a hot knife through butter.

The phone packs a relatively small 2600mAh battery which gets through a day of usage due to its 720p display.

Winner: Xiaomi Mi4i

Xiaomi Mi4i vs YU Yureka: Display

This is the section where the Mi4i really beats out the competition. With an amazing full HD 1920-by-1080p display and a high density 441ppi screen this easily makes it the most pixel rich display on the market. With a 95% NTSC color gamut the display offers almost perfect colors and with 178 degree viewing angle seeing at angles shouldn’t at all be a problem. The phone even claims that it is 32% more vivid than the Apple’s iPhone 6.

The YU Yureka comes with an underwhelming HD 1280-by-720p display and an average pixel density of 267ppi. The colors are average and the phone has good viewing angles. The display is nowhere near the Mi4i’s and is just sub-standard. However for this price tag it is not that bad.

Winner: Xiaomi Mi4i

Xiaomi Mi4i vs YU Yureka: Software

This is a section where both phones are at two opposite ends. The Yureka runs on Cyanogenmod 12 based on Android Lollipop. On the exterior it looks like stock android however dig a little deeper and you find a world of customization options for the QuickSettings shade to the boot logo, everything can be changed. The phone is optimized for the software and so there is barely any noticeable lag or stutters even on 3D games.

The Mi4i runs Xiaomi take on Android called MIUI. The phone looks nothing like stock Lollipop with the whole software apps included are skinned and you will probably have to go to setting to see the Android version. There is no app drawer and has a minimalistic UI with all your apps on pages of the front screen. This is good for people who just use their phone for basic functions but will be hassale for users coming from stock android versions.

Winner: YU Yureka


Both these phones are stellar in their own rights, while the Mi4i rules In the hardware section, the Yureka kills it in the software section.

The Mi4i is the winner here, but all the higher-end features come at cost of 12,999 rupees which is a good 4000 rupees that Yureka. If you’re looking for a phone in this segment look no further, because the winner is here. The phone is available on flipkart.com and amazon.in

The YU Yureka may fall short in some departments, but with Cyanogenmod 12 this phone is treat for anyone who wants to tinker with their phones. With a cost of 8,999 rupees this is the best value-for-money phone you can get. This phone is available on Amazon

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